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Painting the Firewall

Hello. I would just like to get advice on painting my firewall.

the room of my house is connected to our firewall. I notice some bubbling on the pain inside the room. I know that this is mositure ingression from the outside. How can I prevent such?

What should I paint on my firewall? The firewall is exisitng for more than 10 years now. It was painted with an elastomeric paints in the past. I had it painted more than a month ago with Rain or Shine wallmastic (they claimed that it is an extreme waterproofing paint) --> 2 coatings. Will this be sufficient? or should I paint it with something else?



  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    we understand your situation. check the flashing on your firewall if it allows water to sip from the top. i still prefer elastomeric paint. it is elastic and should contain structural movement but paint is not long lasting. you have to repaint periodically.

    i have experience in using elastomeric both for houses and building. 2-3 coats for house is good enough. but if you would like to fully utilize the properties of elastomeric, try doing what is specified for buildings and malls. it is 5 coats with 2 layers of pvc mesh. the mesh reinforces the elasticity of the paint. the idea is lack a cement cast used for broken limbs. but again it is not a foolproof. if you would go around, there are still buildings with bubbled paint application.

    a good suggestion is ask a mason to put grooves on your firewall. the grooves are horizontal and set along the structural level of each floor. the groove should not be square. the top can be flat but the bottom must be slanting. the idea is the structural cracks will be locate along the groove because the plastering is thin there. it is what we specify in our building projects.

    there is a new product. it is waterproof skim coat. it is still the same. it will be applied on cement or concrete but cement has a strong tendency to crack. i havent used it. so take the manufacturers word for it because they will never honor their warranty claim and blame either the contractor or structural movement for the leaks.

    thus, why not try waterproof skim coat with elastomeric paint.
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