SolGen by day, sekyu by night!Calida,wife’s security agency bags P40M contract for Luneta, Paco Park



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    A check with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showed a letter dated July 13, 2016, informing the commission that Calida resigned as president and chair of Visai effective June 30, 2016.

    Wala na man palang problema. Mali yung "SHOULD". Pwede namang "OR". Talo pa rin kayo.

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    Modern day Kawatan

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    oh anong sabi ni Conchita? May mali ba sa bidding? Rumor mongering nanaman mga yellows! 

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    Ganito din mga banat kay Bong Go dati.. ayun, sablay.
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    Php 12.5 Billion lahat. In time for the 2016 election. Mar Roxas, may alam ka ba diro?

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    'The Source' speaks to Solicitor General Jose Calida

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    elBartolo said:
    Php 12.5 Billion lahat. In time for the 2016 election. Mar Roxas, may alam ka ba diro?

    Yan ang ayaw nilang pansinin...BILYONES na ninakaw ng mga Dilawan para pang-gastos sa election. :)
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    Kulang kita sa security agency? Calida allowances bloated by 800% – COA

    Solicitor General Jose Calida apparently is not earning enough from his sideline security agency business, he had to collect 800 percent more than what he was supposed earn from his honoraria or allowances from clients.

    In the latest annual audit report of the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) releases Thursday, the Commission on Audit reported that Calida received P7.462 million in illegal allowances in 2017, his first fill year in office.

    This is nine times more that what he was supposed to receive at P913,950.00 or equal to 50 percent of his annual salary as prescribed by law.

    COA said Calida accounted for 70 percent of the combined P10.8 million in excess allowances received by 14 other OSG lawyers.

    COA said these allowances were directly remitted to OSG lawyers but not reported to its Financial Management Service.

    COA also notes that Calida and OSG lawyers dis not pay the right witholding taxes on their allowances.

    “The should have not happened had the receipt of the honoraria or allowances were reported to the OSg through FMS,” COA said.

    COA has recommended that Calida and the 14 other OSG lawyers refund their illlegal allowances and deposit these to the OSG Trust Fund.

    COA also ordered the OSG FMS to process claims of Calida and OSG lawyers to only the legal amount of 50 percent of their annual salary.

    COA isaued a notixe of disallowance on these illegal honoraria last January.

    This is the third year that OSG has been issued notice of disallowances on its illegal allowances. The first two issued in February 2014 and August 2016 are currently on appeal.


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    COA flags ‘excessive’ local, foreign travels of Calida’s office

    State auditors have flagged the “excessive” local and foreign travel expenses of the Office of the Solicitor General.

    The Commission on Audit (COA), in its 2017 annual audit report, said that Solicitor General Jose Calida’s office should refund the “excess claims on traveling allowance,” amounting to a total of ₱131,892.64.

    The COA noted that allowable travel expenses prescribed in Executive Order No. 28 “were not strictly followed resulting in excessive claims for local and foreign travel allowances totaling P53,796.00 and P78,096.64, respectively.”

    In addition, it noted that 31 advances and liquidations on travels “were not properly documented in violation of EO 298.”

    “We noted that claims for local and foreign travels totaling to ₱53,796.00 and ₱78,096.64, respectively, were more than the allowable travel expenses,” the COA further said in its report.

    “Also, some receipts for hotels were not supported with certification by the head of the agency that those expenses were absolutely necessary (for) the performance of their assignments as required in the above provisions,” the COA report added. 

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    Good Job C.O.A. :triumph:

    fair warning lang. yun AMLAC pinatahim ni DuDirty dahil may plano silang expose ang Dirty Administration.
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    Panalo pa rin si Hilbay at Aquino.

    Calida's excess allowances from July to Dec 2016 totaled P1.123m, while Hilbay's excess from Jan to June 2016 reached P4.6m

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    In its 2016 report, the COA also flagged allowances received by Calida and his predecessor, Florin Hilbay.

    The state audit agency stated that Hilbay received an excess allowance of P4.66 million in 2016—when he served as solicitor general from January to June. Calida, who took over his position, received P1.12 million.

    Both Calida and Hilbay argued that the state lawyers are allowed to receive allowances, as stated by the RA 9417. Hilbay argued that the COA could not countermand a law as it is an official act of the Congress.


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    COA bares OSG’s P10-M ‘excess’ allowances, P800-M ‘illegal’ payments

    Solicitor General Jose Calida and 14 lawyers in his agency last year collected P10.8 million in excess allowances in violation of Commission on Audit (COA) regulations and the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) itself illegally paid P800 million to foreign law firms from as far back as nine years ago, according to the state accounting agency.

    In its 2017 audit report, the COA said Calida received a total excess in allowances of P7.5 million in 2017. Two Assistant Solicitors General who received the next largest amounts were Renan Ramos, who exceeded his allowances by more than P837,000 and Henry Angeles, who got an excess of more than P697,000, the COA said.

    State auditors said the practice was irregular because OSG officials collected allowances whose amounts exceeded 50-percent of their salary, the regulatory cap set by the COA.

    We recommended that management (OSG) refund the excess amount received and deposit the same to (a) trust fund,” the COA said.

    ‘Not new’

    Calida on Friday said the questions raised by the COA over the excess allowances the Solicitor General and other OSG lawyers collected was “not new.”

    “It has been on-going for the past five years since the time of Solicitor General Florin Hilbay,” Calida said in a statement. “The OSG has consistently acted within the confines set by law. The honoraria and allowances were paid in accordance with law.”

    The COA report, made public on Thursday, said the hiring of foreign law firms by the OSG was illegal because it did not have the concurrence of the state auditing agency.

    “The engagement of private lawyers and law firms for legal services and professional fees was unauthorized due to the absence of prior acquiescence of the OSG and written concurrence of the COA,” it said.

    The contracts also were not submitted within the required five working days “from execution” while the selection and termination of the private lawyers and law firms were not clearly recorded and transmitted to the COA, it said.

    Other findings

    Other COA findings in the 2017 OSG audit report:

    Of the more than P116.2 million appearing on record to have been paid to Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher (GDC) LLP, only about P101 million was actually disbursed.

    Excessive claims for expenses for local and foreign travels, amounting to P132,000 last year.

    Computer networking equipment worth P20.3 million, bought in December 2016, was unused and rendered useless.

    Failed implementation of the rehabilitation of the OSG building, worth P13.9 million.

    Net take-home pay of seven employees fell below the minimum amount of P4,000 because the OSG allowed payroll deduction of employees’ obligations.

    Foreign law firms

    Data showed that the OSG paid some P417.9 million to White and Case LLP for its legal services in the Philippine government’s arbitration case against a Belgian company from 2012 to 2017.

    The OSG also spent P200 million for the payment of services of foreign law firms Paul Hastings, Janofsky and Walker in the dispute concerning the Metro Rail Transit Corp. Project that started in 2009. Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher (GDC) LLP later took over from the Paul Hastings firm.

    The OSG, then under Hilbay, spent P149 million for the legal services of Foley Hoag LLP in the arbitration case initiated by the Philippines in its maritime dispute with China, which was filed in January 2013 and settled in favor of Manila in July 2016.

    Failure to present contracts

    In all these engagements, the OSG failed to present the contracts or agreements with the foreign law firms, and documents showing prior consent by the Solicitor General and government auditors, the COA said.

    In their reply to auditors, OSG officials said the COA’s approval of their engagements with the foreign law firms was not mandatory, a claim dismissed by the COA.

    “It was made clear that the intent of the (COA) circular was to curb unauthorized and unnecessary disbursement of public funds, thus, the nature of engagement of lawyers/law firms and the procuring agency is immaterial,” the audit body said.

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    Kung may usok may apoy
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    Kailangan nga sigurong tingnan kung above board ang transactions, ilan, sino sino ang nag bid; ang rates and conditions ba ay ayon sa normal na lakaran? 

    Wala bang nilutong bidding?  Like kinausap ba ng Calida camp ang other bidders para pagbigyan na lang ang company ni SolGen?  O binigyan ng information ang Calida camp tungkol sa bids ng competitors?



    If my information is true that the law allows SolGens to receive honoraria but the law does not specify the amount of that honoraria, then the amount and limits of that honoraria is covered by other laws. It is as simple as that.

    If SolGens Calida and Hilbay took amounts beyond limits set by those other laws, then they could be charged under the corrupt practices act, in my opinion.

    The Solgens, if they do not respect those limits (and other related laws) could be just interpreting (having myopic reading of) the laws to favor their selfish interest.   

    The DOJ and COA, the OP are not the only offices that can look into the possible violation.   The Ombudsman can without waiting for a complainant investigate the possible overcharging and act according to the result of its investigation.  Paalis na si Conch.  Palalampasin ba, o will she will leave a legacy?

    ******    ******


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    elBartolo said:
    Panalo pa rin si Hilbay at Aquino.

    Calida's excess allowances from July to Dec 2016 totaled P1.123m, while Hilbay's excess from Jan to June 2016 reached P4.6m

    taun-taon na lang nilang findings yan, hindi pa rin nagkakasundo

    yung kay Calida lang ata ang may disallowance

    anyway, pinapanalangin siguro ni Hilbay na sana mamatay agad yung isyu kasi tatamaan din siya :lol:

    balik pera lang naman ang mangyayari diyan
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    Mas grabe yung kay Hilbay...kaya tahimik ang loko eh. :)
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    Valorian said:
    elBartolo said:
    Panalo pa rin si Hilbay at Aquino.

    balik pera lang naman ang mangyayari diyan
    I disagree. If it is true that another law set a limit to what government people can get extra, then that is linked with the laws allowing SolGens to get allowances (without setting amounts).

    SolGens are lawyers.  Lawyers know, tahi tahi ang mga batas, at saligang batas.  The SolGens interpreted the law with malicious intent to profit from it.

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    The OSG allowance has a case pending already... since Hilbay’s tenure... and still no closure. Our uber slow judicial system is the root cause of all our problems. That is why Im glad the ConCom is planning at least 3 SC to declog pending case. We need more specialized courts, its the same with Med, Law should have separate  courts for criminal, corporate, family, sandiganbayan, etc.

    Why limit SC, we need more judges, not more congressmen.

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