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[Gig] FREE ENTRANCE! Clapton vs Santana TRIBUTE Concert on March 31 (Sat)!

CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
Hi guys!

PinoyExchange members are invited to watch a Clapton versus Santana Tribute Concert, on March 31 (Saturday), 7PM, at The Hive parking area. This is brought to you by The Hive 100.3FM.

Featuring: The Breed, Blue Rats, Radioactive Sago Project, The Jerks, Battery, Razorback, and Rivermaya!

For FREE TICKETS, please email [email protected] Include your real name and pinoyexchange nickname.

You can claim the tickets at the venue on saturday, right before the concert. The address is Save-A-Lot Mall parking area, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City.


  • okay here's a bit of a background. when my bf's mom is not drinking, super bait! as in she would be the ideal mom. but when she's drinking, grabe, ibang-iba ang ugali niya. i can't take it. everyone's against her daw, including me and my family. sinisiraan niya ang lahat ng tao to anyone who cares to listen. naninigaw, nagmumura, nagtatapon ng plato, etc etc! i don't take it out on my boyfriend kasi alam ko naman di niya kasalanan pero it puts some anxiety and tension between us. lagi ko siyang tinatanong kung magbabago ang mommy niya pagkasal na kami. what's worse is we're talking marriage na and doon kami titira sa bahay nila dahil no choice. dapat nga noon pa kami nagpakasal but we can't live on our own yet. what are your advices?

  • Blue Rats: sila ba yung band na babae ang vocalist na tisay, medyo chubby, na ang ganda ng boses at ang galing kumanta?
  • sLaYeRsLaYeR PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    pede ba yung friday night club dito¿¿ :D
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