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Did you guys see that Toronto – Indiana game?!! Who the hell is this analyst for ESPN

BuLoyBuLoy PExer
Did you guys see that Toronto – Indiana game?!! Who the hell is this analyst for ESPN?!!!
He is freakin horrible!! Oh my God!!! I think this guy is a professional barber who’s favorite pastime is Cricket!! He has no clue what he’s talking about!! What are those folks at ESPN Asia thinking!! Just take a look at a few of the idiotic things he said… konit palang yan!! Nakaka-irita!! Ang ***** na ng mga sinasabi nya, napaka-duh pa ng boses nya!!! He sounds like Sherman Klump!! With no emotion pa!!

“And Charles Oakley has been in the league a few years” …
hello?!! he’s a 13 yr pro!!!!

“Wow. Clark shot that like he was a shooter” …
how is he supposed to shoot it?! Like a bowler?!!

“Well, croshere sure does like taking those 3 pointers”…
Anak ng…!!! Duh!!!

(after vince drove and got a foul) … “well, he can hang in the air. He can stay up for about 3 seconds”…
What game does this guy play?!! Piko?!!

(after Clark had a hammering dunk) “I think that ball hit O’neal’s head after the ball went thru the hoop” ….
Holy shnykies!!! Somebody shoot this guy!!!

(Peterson just had a thunderous slam) … “what a beautiful dunk shot by Peterson”
did this guy learn to term dunk shots from andy jao?

(After Carter got that elbow to the lower abs) … “maybe he got a little elbow in the ribs?”
Nahiya na nga yung partner nya at sabi ng anchor … “maybe a little lower than that”

“When you play defense at the post, you’re really at a disadvantage. Unless you put your hands up and you move your feet. Then you can go up and block it”…
Really? It’s that easy?! I never knew! Can you please tell that to Marlou?!

I gave up! Pinatay ko na! Sayang yung game!! Ang ganda pa naman ng match-up!! Hintayin ko nalang sa SportsCenter! Nasiraan ako ng ulo sa kanya!


  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Isi kalang puso mo... tama ba yung tinutukoy mo yung nag-overtime ba?
  • RaPRaP PExer
    ako kilala ko ...

    si Mark Brown and guest KC Jones

    :lol: bwahaha galing kooooooo :evilgrin:
  • Originally posted by nuss
    Isi kalang puso mo... tama ba yung tinutukoy mo yung nag-overtime ba?

    i have no idea what happend to the game. nag overtime pa?! as i said. i turned off the tv coz he was too irritatingly stupid.
  • nuss,
    just checked nba.com. no it didnt go into overtime. it was a 20pt blowout. it was the game this morning. the regular nba wednesday morning game on espn
  • Dapat sina Charles Barkley Nalang yun comment.. dahil mali mali yun mga sinasabi nila!! narinig ko yun mga sinabi mo!?
  • Well, u can't blame KC Jones. He's old, man! He's lost more brain cells than he should. You should hate Quinito Henson.
  • :lol: at Swingman! Pero tama nga naman siya. :lol:
  • Oo nga. Kairita nga yang si Mark Brown mag-comment. Parang nanonood lang siya from the studio tapos nag-commentary lang. Feeling ko wala siya mismo dun sa stadium. Hindi nya feel yung atmosphere and ambience nung game. Dapat live commentary na lang kesa naman sa ganyan.
  • bigbadwolf, ever since ESPN took over comentating duties for the NBA games, that is exactly what they've been doing. All of those games, including the NBA Finals and All-Star Games, are just being watched in a damn studio, not even at the arenas!.:angry: Mark Brown, Tate George, K.C. Jones, and whatever other idiot they have covering those games are never at the stadiums. That's why you notice they never show the roaming interviewers inside the stadiums? personally, The Rock thinks ESPN is just being selfish for not allowing the original coverage teams, whether on NBC, TNT, or TBS to cover the games for us too.:angry:
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