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The Pleasures of Reading

There is something pleasurable at reading and perhaps many of you do feel the same. This thread is about just that.

What do you guys personally like about reading as opposed to other activities.

:) :surprised: :eyecrazy: :blush2:

For me there is this aesthetic feeling to reading, turning the pages. I really enjoy staying up late in the wee hours of the morning finishing a good book.

Besides it sets me apart from some my friends. Hahaha! Really. I also like reading alone in school, in the hallway, feeling the passers-by, feeling only, but my attention concentrated on the book.

I like reading for what it does to me… stirs my soul sometimes and makes me realize a lot of things about myself that I don’t usually get from others.

They say I tend to detach myself from others but I really do not care… I have friends and they’re pretty okey with how I am.


  • Yessir! Also in the bus, FX, even in jeepneys! Reading in the dark and waking up with your book at your side.
  • I like reading in the outdoors. For some reason it makes everything seem bigger. I mean, you have the sunshine, the slight, occasional breeze, and then this small world in your hands growing each time you flip a page.

    Sweet. :sunnysmile:

    And yes, reading a book is a handy excuse to ignore people for a while.
  • There is also something wonderful while flipping pages. I love the smell of paper. Something that the net can never copy.There is texture. It is tangible. I like surfing the Net but I still choose books over them.

    When the paper is new, it smells wonderful…. It smells like chemicals. Heh. I love the smell of brand new books.If it is old, the pungent scent kinda grows on you. You feel the age of the book. Maybe it is me but it is like partaking wisdom from something old.

    And nothing turns me on more than a gorgeous woman reading a good book. I remember this pretty girl reading Great Expectations a couple of months ago, and I still remember her. Talk about leaving an impression. I just want to take her home that very moment.
    Turn offs: Girls reading books with Fabio in the cover and cheesy tagalog books.
  • ^^
    Heyheyhey, don't judge a book by its cover! I read romance novels. Granted, Fabio-esque covers make me shudder (not to mention Tagalog pocketbooks with covers featuring cartoon-Hollywood-actor-lookalikes), but they're gems. Gems, I tell you. Teenage boys have their videogames, and teenage girls have their romance novels. It's all trippy, escapist fun.

  • Ahh, reading....I don't know what else I would rather do. To read or to watch TV? READ! To play outdoors or read? To read outdoors. To eat or to read? Eat while reading. To play computer games or read? Read about computer games. To attend a party or read the last chapter? READ!!! take a rain check on party. Hehehe. Books have been my perfect companions...always interesting, seldom dull or stupid, always open, don't complain when you put them down to do other things, don't complain when you read them over and over or line the pages...etc...hay, i could go on and on...i'm sure booklovers understand this feeling. :)

    love the smell of the paper, too. It's a fetish of sorts, if you could call it that, to smell the book's pages especially if it is brand new...mmmmm. my friends used to find this weird, but some of them eventually acquired the habit of smelling the pages as you riffle them under your nose. hehehe. weird.

    Once in a while I take a breather from reading, live life a bit, work and enjoy. But, at the end of the day, there is always a book to help me relax.

    Ahh, reading. Here's to the next chapters of life! :)
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