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A PEx Story: It was all Quiet in Space Station Philadelphia... (Dugtungan)

(let's see your literary skills and wit! :) ) *jake*


  • when i saw Charles Manson and Dinky Doo eating those sweet little "TIGIDIGS..."
  • While eating their tigidigs...Charles Manson saw Bentong sitting in the sandy shores of the beach, watching and waiting for the sun to take a nap, CHarles Manson didn't like what he saw because it was too ugly...he dropped his tigidig and decided to...
  • (how did they get to the space station?) ... umagon saw those two and captured them ...
  • J?bJ?b PExer
    ...to swing an axe across the golf course. the axe landed on bentong's resting horned dog and cut off its corrugated dreampipe, which unwittingly led to the sun's immediate demise. the sudden jerky loss of frayed light frightened the erstwhile tigidig, and it sardonically shrunk upon itself to nicely become the next joyous occasion ever to happen for manson. he was happy. meanwhile, dolphins flapped their scaly wings, crisscrossing each other, jumping up and down above the purple waves of the beach. their pitched cries were horrible, but it was worth drinking tea, nevertheless. manson married marilyn next, so the music was complete. dinky doo, unconsciously witnessing all this rackety hullaballoo, halfheartedly decided to...
  • ... to kill all those who are obsessed with this cellphone fad
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