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JENNYLYN MERCADO: "Ultimate Star"|Host of Superstar Duets|New Album "Ultimate"|T70


Five reasons why Jennylyn Mercado is the Ultimate Star
July 05, 2016

On the year of the thirteenth anniversary of her first television appearance, Jennylyn Mercado renewed her contract with GMA Network. In the occasion, she was dubbed as the Ultimate Star.

Jennylyn expressed gratefulness for the title and noted that she’s humbled to be considered as such.

“Thank you naman. Hindi ko in-e-expect na magkakaroon ako ng ganyang klaseng title. Maraming salamat kung 'yun ang napili n'yo para sa ‘kin... At the same time, meron konting pressure kasi kailangan kong mapatunayan sa kanila, kailangan kong ma-maintain 'yun para sa kanila,” she said.

Here, we list five of the many reasons why it’s only fitting for her to be called the Ultimate Star.

1. She was the first Ultimate Survivor of StarStruck.

Before she was one of its council members, Jennylyn went through the rigorous challenges of the reality-based artista search over a decade ago. That early, she already showed potential to make it big. She helped set the standard for future batches and she continuously redefined the concept of dreaming, believing and surviving in different parts of her life.

2. She can make you feel anything.


Whether it’s heavy drama or romantic comedy, she delivers her roles excellently that viewers couldn’t help but be moved. Her versatility in acting and her chemistry with whoever she’s paired up with are just two of the many factors that add to her likability.

3. She’s an all-around. award-winning artist.


Aside from being able to do well in different genres of television shows and movies, she has proven that she can do so much in showbiz – she’s been a longtime host, a hit-making recording artist, a popular cover model of magazines, and a trusted endorser.

4. She’s a businesswoman and an athlete.

Outside showbiz, she also wears many hats. She manages her earnings by investing in businesses and keeps fit through triathlons, boxing, and going to the gym, among many others. She may be busy with many commitments at work but she secures her future and takes care of herself.

5. She’s a mom and a daughter.

She has bagged many awards but her favorite credential is that she’s a family woman. Jennylyn is the breadwinner of her family – she takes care of her mom Lydia and is a single parent to Alex Jazz. She has been through a lot in her personal life but has proven that she’s a superwoman in her own right. It can’t get more ultimate than that.

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