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Help in starting up a gym business

Good evening guys, may mga gym owners ba tayo dito makakapagshare how to start and operate a gym business

In 6months i will open a gym business, its an urban gym / kanto gym,

Target market: yung All weight lift and at may spin bikes for cardio, at maliit sa space for 1on1 boxing or muay thai.

Price: 480 monthly 380students

Start up capital: 600k equipment 100k renovation

Estimated operating expenses: 35k monthly including(personel, rental, electric,water bill, maintainance)

Expected income: 150-200clients(80k monthly + drinks and supps)

Expected ROI: less than 2 years.

Help namam mga master tama estimate at expectation ko. Share naman ng mga experience nyo.

At one more thing im planning to buy sa xtreme gym equipment trading for my gym equipments, may nakasubog na ba dito nakabili ng equipment sa xtreme?
Thanks in advance


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