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US Visa for Job Interview


I have been invited for job interviews in US (New York & Texas). This is my first time going to another country so I have a lot of questions. To start, I'm not sure if I'll apply for a tourist or a business visa. Can anyone help me please?

Here's my situation:
1. I'm currently working as a company nurse. The thing is, I just transferred so I only started working in my current company last February.
2. I don't have any travelling history, as in WALA. I haven't been to other countries.
3. My salary is small but my dad is willing to give me pocket money for the trip.
4. I have cousins in New York, Texas, and California willing to help.

Mahirap daw kasi maapprove pag nurse and single. Plus middle class lang kami, pero nanghihinayang kasi ako sa opportunities. Di ko kasi ineexpect. Mukha bang madedeny?


  • I think mahirap maapprove kapag nurse, pero kapag single, not true.

    1. Instead of thinking na you are going there for an interview, why not think na magbabakasyon ka. Gawin mong opportunity yung job interview na finally, makakapagbakasyon ka na sa ibang bansa. MINDSET.

    2. It doesn't matter kung bago ka pa lang sa work mo. As long as you have the means to make that trip happen, no problem. It also doesn't matter kung never ka pang nakapunta sa ibang country.

    3. You have cousins in New York. Make that your destination. One of the top tourist destinations yan sa US. So sa embassy interview, it would make sense kung yan yung sasabihin mong destination mo.

    You want to apply for a non-immigrant visa. The embassy interviewers will always assume na you are applying for a visa to be an immigrant. That's where they start and what you need to do is to prove that your sole purpose for applying for b1/b2 is for traveling purposes only and not to become an immigrant (legal or illegal). FOCUS ka na magbabakasyon ka. Sino ba naman ang pupunta sa US para lang sa interview, syempre, gusto mo na ring mamasyal. Tell the interviewer the truth. BUT, only give them what they asked for. Isang tanong, isang sagot but be mindful pa rin.

    I did my interview last September 2015. Bago lang din ako sa work ko nun, end of May 2015 ako nagstart. My interview lasted for only a minute. The only document they have is my application form and passport. They didn't check any of my supporting documents (sayang yung effort ko haha). I'm only 24, single, I had to ask show money from my parents cause I was broke that time (but the embassy interviewer did not even ask for my bank statement nor any document), it was my first time to apply, I don't have relatives there, only a friend. I got my b1/b2 visa (10 years ME).

    Questions they asked me:
    1. What's the purpose of my travel? - Vacation
    2. Do I know anyone there? - Yes, a friend
    3. What's the name? - <name>
    4. What's your relationship with her? - She's just my friend
    5. What countries have you visited already? - Country 1, country 2, country 3, country 4, country 5, country 6, country 7
    6. Where did you study? - School 1 (PH), School 2 (another country)
    7. What did you study in school 2? - blah blah blah
    8. Who will fund your travel? - Me (I assumed i will have enough savings already when I leave)
    9. When are you planning to leave? - <date>

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