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Has anyone from DLSU ever gotten in to McKinsey?

I will be having my interviews for the Business Analyst position in McKinsey & Company next month. In lieu of this, historically, have there been any DLSU graduates who made the cut and worked/are working for McKinsey? From what I've heard, most, if not all, of them come from either UP BAA or ADMU ME. Please do let me know if there are any, and to anyone who has experienced applying with McKinsey, I will be glad to hear your inputs regarding the application process.



  • so far parang wala pa. it is usually up baa or admu me. the most common exception is some random fil-am kid with an ivy league degree. there were cases na up engineering got in (not sure which, probably ie) pero parang wala pa so far form la salle. up and admu target schools nila.
  • don't get me wrong btw here. i am just stating facts. i am a dlsu alumnus din, way back. IE. mckinsey was the dream kaso it was really really tight back then, you are really fighting an uphill battle. unlike up or admu na where you would be given the benefit of the doubt, pag dlsu, parang anything you do wrong, is being judged more harshly.
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