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The best way to get back deleted data from iPhone

After your iPhone was crased, damaged by water, jailbreak or reset to factory setting. iPhone data was deleted by mistake, all situation will cause you to lose data, and you may ask "Can I recover deleted data from iPhone"? The answer is "Yes". There are several effective way for you to recover them.

One. Extracting the iTunes backup to recover lost data on iPhone.
1. Run iTunes, connect the iPhone to the computer.
2. If you have a new or erased iPhone, iTunes will prompt you to restore from backup. Otherwise, Right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…'. *
3. Choose the backup files you wish to proceed

Two: recover lost iPhone data without iTunes backup
If you don't make a backup before, don't worry, the deleted data store in iPhone database automatically once you lost data by deleted them or the phone crased, water damaged, so you have a chance to recover them from iPhone directly, but you need to use a iPhone recovery program for help, here are 3 steps to recover deleted data on iPhone:

1. Load the program and connect your phone to pc.
2. Select recover from ios devices them scan your phone.
3. preview and recover deleted data to computer or backup to device.

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