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hair spa...

narinig ko na ito...pero ano ba ang ginagawa kung magpa-hair spa ka? san maganda magpa ganito? and how much? xensya na, mangmang eh... ;)


  • it's a scalp treatment; mostly done to treat flakes due to dry scalp. but their are other salons which offers hair spas for dual purpose (hair and scalp)

    How hair spa is done?
    There a vial full of oil of some sort basta and then they'll apply it on your scalp. Then, apply cream on the hair, massage and then, steamer. :)

    At Bench it costs 900 bucks for a long long hair. :)
  • Hair spas are treatments done specific to your needs. It can be for dry/damaged hair, it can be scalp treatment, for reviving dull colored hair, detangling, etc.

    Guys like me usually only need hair spa for treating dry/damaged hair that has become unmanageable already... some for flakes.
  • try mo din tong Verdon Keratin mura lang sya pero effective hanap ka pa ng reviews na effective to
  • Ang uso na ata ngayon is brazilian blow dry e
  • Ang uso na ata ngayon is brazilian blow dry e
    yes. I agree the thing with that kind of rebond is for maintenance talaga pangmatagalan ang effect e
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