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Guard shoots coworkers who accused him of theft

Fed up with his coworkers’ accusations, a security guard went on a shooting rampage Thursday inside their office in Sta. Cruz, Manila, leaving one dead and two others wounded before turning the gun on himself.

The night before, Fernando Cano had a few drinks with his brother-in-law Ronel Monares and told his only child, a four-year-old son, to “take care of your mother for me.”

Then for some reason Cano started singing: “In heaven there is no beer…”

Chief Insp. John Guiagui, the onsite negotiator, said that Cano—a guard who had been working for 17 years at Chain Glass Enterprise on Rizal Avenue near Pampanga Street—specifically targeted the three people who had accused him of being behind the disappearance last month of P1 million in cash from the office.

Around noon on Thursday, investigators from the Manila Police District (MPD) went to the company to give the owner a copy of their initial report on the theft. According to Chief Insp. Alexander Rodrigo of the MPD theft and robbery unit, all employees were considered suspects since they have yet to pinpoint the perpetrator.

Manager first to be shot

uso na din pala dito ang mass shooting


  • Why is it when there are shootings or robberies et al that it is quite often someone that is supposed to be guarding the place, or a member of either the PNP or AFP?
  • topnotch97
    topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi
    baka si peterin yan

    napikon kaya may na tigok

  • malabo yang maging si peterin, alam ng lahat si peterin eh wal ang balls... puro hangin lang :p
    topnotch97 wrote: »
    baka si peterin yan

    napikon kaya may na tigok

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