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TV Network Wars: Why?

I just somehow don't get why everyone's taking the whole GMA v ABSCBN thing so seriously. Some even treat it as a religion (ex "I only watch Kapamilya shows, even if GMA produces a show that has quality and worth watching, I will NEVER watch it." Vice versa also happens.)

Like seriously, we are consumers. We are free to choose what we can and would watch. Network faithfuls are not doing the Filipino entertainment industry any favors for having religious fanaticism over their respective channel choices.

In the end, the thing that loses is actually THE FILIPINO ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.


1. Dramas/TV shows will have a harder time getting the best casting/staffing because of 'exclusivity'. Let's say Scriptwriter A makes a super good material for a soap. Actor A definitely suits the male lead but the actress most capable for the female lead role belongs to the other network. We miss out on these sort of things because actors have to stay in their networks.

2. Quality barely improves because the comparison will always be the 'other channel'. As long as they 'do better' than the other channel in terms of ratings then all is well.

3. Network fanatics will shield whatever their channel does wrong or mediocre simply out of 'loyalty'. This prevents any sort of vast improvement from happening.

Rather than battling with each other, I hope the Filipino industry becomes more united. I hope there will come a day when Filipino artists are managed by independent artist management companies (like how they do in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Taiwan - all of these have VERY successful entertainment industries internationally)

It's better to let artist management companies FOCUS on building up talents, production houses FOCUS on making good programmes and networks focus on credible programming line ups. I think the Filipino Ent industry will boom once everyone goes freelance - and maybe we will finally get that chance of at least being on par with our Asian neighbors.


  • anima9anima9 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It's not really a "WAR" but rather the stations want to make people think there's some bad blood between them. It's all to hype things up, really. A creative marketing ploy that got stuck in the minds of Filipinos.

    It keeps the stations alive for one thing. Just take a look at stations with no rivalries. RPN 9, ABC 5, IBC 13, etc. They're all dead because no one hyped them enough. Bad publicity is still publicity after all. The more controversial shows they do, the more people watch them.
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