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MBTC-CPC Metrobank Cards and Personal Credit Sector (S3) | FAQs p.1

Welcome to Metrobank Cards and Personal Credit (CPC) Sector : Sinulid 3

Credit Cards Line up as of January 2019

Mga Sinulid ng Talakayan ng MCC:
I: MCC Metrobank Cards (Sinulid 1)
II: MCC Metrobank Cards (Sinulid 2)

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Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) – Cards and Personal Credit Sector (CPC) was formed on January 3, 2020, upon Metrobank’s merger with Metrobank Card Corporation (MCC). It was created to lead the management and supervision of Metrobank’s credit card issuing and acquiring business, insurance, and personal loans.

For Metrobank, visit www.metrobank.com.ph.

History of Metrobank – CPC

Metrobank CPC was formerly a separate entity from and a subsidiary of Metrobank, known as Metrobank Card Corporation (A Finance Company and General Insurance Agency) [MCC]. It was established in August 1985, known then as Unibancard Corporation. Its maiden product was called Unicard, a single currency credit card accepted in key establishments in the Philippines. Over the years, Unicard evolved from a locally accepted card to an internationally recognized credit card when it rode on the Mastercard scheme in 1994 and the Visa scheme in 1998.

The company changed its name to Metrobank Card Corporation after a merger with AB Card and Solid Card on June 4, 2002. In 2003, a joint venture was formed between Metrobank and ANZ, holding 60% and 40% stake of the business, respectively. The partnership has created a lot of value for both parties as it transformed MCC into a market leader with more than 1.5 Million cards-in-force, offering diverse products on payment solutions. Since then, MCC has already tripled its cardholder base, re-launched its existing credit card products and also ventured into acquiring, prepaid cards, as well as insurance businesses.

In November 2015, MCC further diversified its product suite with the introduction of the YAZZ Prepaid Card, a general purpose Prepaid VISA Card that is reloadable and made available at the retail environment. Click here to know more about YAZZ Prepaid Card. In June 2018, MCC was granted by the Insurance Commission its license to sell various life and non-life insurance products; thus, MCC became a Finance Company and General Insurance Agency.

In September 2018, MCC became a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Metrobank. This development is supportive of Metrobank's growth strategy to maximize operational efficiencies between Metrobank and MCC, and to further expand on opportunities for collaboration, especially within the Metrobank Group, while remaining fully committed to deliver superior products and services to existing and new customers.

In March 2019, the respective Board of Directors and stockholders of MCC and Metrobank have approved and ratified the Plan of Merger between MCC and Metrobank

Metrobank - CPC retains its operations and place of business in its current location at The MCC Center, 6778 Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines.



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    Metrobank Vantage MasterCard (formerly "Classic") - ₱10,000*
    Metrobank Titanium MasterCard (formerly "Gold") - ₱75,000*
    Metrobank Platinum MasterCard - ₱150,000 or 175,000?
    Metrobank World MasterCard - ₱500,000
    Metrobank Dollar MasterCard - US$
    Metrobank ON MasterCard - ₱
    Metrobank MFree Low - ₱20,000
    Metrobank MFree High - ₱400,000?
    Metrobank M Lite - ₱
    PSBank Credit MasterCard - ₱10,000 

    Metrobank Toyota MasterCard - ₱
    Metrobank Robinsons MC - ₱

    Metrobank Vantage Visa (formerly "Classic") - ₱10,000*
    Metrobank Visa Reward Plus Visa Platinum (formerly "Gold" & "Bistro") - ₱75,000*
    Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa - ₱150,000 or 175,000

    Metrobank Femme Signature Visa - ₱
    Metrobank I Can Serve Femme Visa - ₱
    Metrobank Femme Visa - ₱10,000
    Metrobank Healthway Visa - ₱75,000
    Metrobank PureGold Visa - ₱75,000

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    How can I better monitor my credit card transactions?
    A "Statement of Account" (SOA) is a summary of all your credit card transactions within a specified cutoff. Your SOA is generated every month and is delivered to your designated billing address at least a week before your due date. Too busy to wait for your SOA to arrive in the mail? Here are free facilities available to our valued cardholders allowing you to view and manage your credit card transactions electronically.

    Enroll in MSOA
    Spend most of your time online checking emails? Enroll your credit card in MSOA and have your electronic SOA sent straight to your preferred email address. Call 8-700-700 today to apply. All you need is a valid email address!

    Enroll in MBdirect
    Maintain a bank account with Metrobank and have a Metrobank credit card? Now you can view both your SOA and your bank account details online through MBdirect. Enroll by visiting Metrobank’s website at https://www.metrobank.com.ph/

    Enroll in M’ Online (new)
    Statement of account can now be viewed online via the Metrobank Card’s website. Enroll by visiting MCC’s website at https://www.metrobankcard.com/

    Quick Tips
    1. Always keep your transaction slips for reference to help you recognize and validate transactions posted in your SOA.
    2. Know your cut-off dates to effectively manage posting of your credit card transactions.
    3. Use only one credit card to avoid confusion especially on your due dates.

    How can I pay for my credit card?
    There are many convenient ways of paying for your credit card. If you have a Metrobank account, you may enroll in the free Auto-Debit Arrangement or avail of the complimentary Metrobank Direct service. You may also pay using any ATM in the Philippines, by over the counter at any Metrobank or PS Bank nationwide, or through payment boxes strategically located in Metro Manila. Please pay days ahead if you wish to settle using a check. For inquiries, email [email protected].

    Maximize the convenience of having multiple payment options
    Pay your Metrobank Card bill through any of these channels:
    1. Cash & Check Payments
      1. Metrobank branches
      2. PS Bank branches
      3. MCC Paybox (1:30PM cut off)
      4. Security Bank branches
      5. SM Store, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, Savemore and SM Business Services
      6. RCBC
    2. E-Payments
      1. Metrobank Direct via https://personal.metrobankdirect.com
      2. Metrophone
      3. Megalink (ATM)
      4. Bancnet (ATM/online)
    3. Cash Payments
      1. Robinsons Department Store Business Center
      2. Cebuana Lhuillier*
      3. Touch Pay
      4. Bayad Center
    4. Others
      1. ADA (Automatic Debit Arrangement) through a Metrobank

      *Cebuana Lhuillier charges PHP5.00 transaction fee for Metrobank credit card payment
    5. Be aware of the posting of your payments. Note that posting of your credit card payments depends on payment type (e.g cash, local check, or regional check).
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    What are the guidelines for paying in check?
    Payment should be made 3 days earlier for local checks and 4 days in advance for regional checks. Please consider the check clearing cut-off time of the payment center. When paying your credit card in check, remember to indicate the following:
    1. Date
    2. Payee - payable to "Metrobank Card Corporation.”
    3. Card number and contact number at the back of your check
    4. Amount payable in figures
    5. Amount payable in words
    6. Signature of the Drawer/s
    Make sure that the check you issued has no erasures and corrections. Otherwise, it will not be accepted for payment, or will be rejected for clearing. Effective January 4, 2016, all issued checks with erasure will no longer be accepted for receipt and clearing by banks per the updated Clearing House Rules and Regulations of the Philippine Clearing House Corporation dated August 24, 2015.

    How can I check my available credit limit?
    Aside from calling the 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline, you may also check your available credit limit online via the MBDirect and M’ Online facilities. This is also one text away through the MTXT facility. Just text AVAIL16-digit credit card number and send to the numbers below depending on your mobile service provider:
    1. For Globe Subscribers: 0917-5216898
    2. For Smart Subscribers: 0918-9636898
    3. For Sun Cellular Subscribers: 0922-8766898

    Regular SMS rate will apply per inquiry.

    Quick Tips
    Knowing your credit limit will also help you plan your transactions. This would also save you from the inconvenience of a declined transaction or billing of overlimit fee.

    Can I get cash using my credit card?
    Yes. Sometimes, you need cash to whip up a big event. Whether you need cash for tuition fees, pocket money for a trip, or even plumbing work at home, you can get cash instantly. Take note, however, that the amount you request should be within your credit limit.

    Quick Tips
    1. Avail of Cash2Go. You may apply over the counter or by calling 8-700-700. This cash installment plan gives you a wide range of options in terms of tenors and interest rates.
    2. Avail of Cash Advance. Using your Metrobank QuickPIN, you may get instant cash at any Metrobank ATM or any ATM with Mastercard/Visa symbol here and abroad.
    Can I pay for my utility bills using my credit card?
    Yes. With so many bills you need to pay every month, Bills2Pay is the simplest time saver. You can forget about lining up to pay for all your utilities (including electricity) and telephone bills. Memorizing multiple due dates can be a thing of the past.

    Quick Tips
    Enroll your utility bills in Bills2Pay. You can spend less time falling in line and have more time for the activities that truly matter to you. Call 8-700-700 today for enrollment.
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    What fees are charged by maintaining a credit card?
    Yes. Metrobank cards are subject to Annual Membership Fees. The fees are billed to the account a month from the anniversary date of the credit card account.

    e.g. Your card was approved on January 1, 2012 and your account’s statement cut-off is every 10th of the month. The following year, your annual membership fee will be billed on your February 10, 2013 statement cut-off

    Visit the Cards section of this website to know the corresponding annual fees per Metrobank Card product type.

    Do credit cards have any hidden charges?
    No. The terms and conditions that come with your credit card lists down the charges that may apply to your account. Most cardholders like you inquire about Finance Charges or Interest (the amount charged to your account when you decide not to pay the full amount reflected in your billing statement), Overlimit Fees (which are charged to your account when your transaction goes over your available credit limit) and Multiple Payment Fee (charged to your account when you settle your account balance in excess of two within the same calendar month).

    Quick Tips
    1. Always pay in full and on time.
    2. You can check your balance, cut off and due dates through Metrobank Card Corporation’s Text and Online services. These free paperless features save lots of trees!
    3. You can apply for M Lite Mastercard, the credit card that charges one of the lowest interest rates in the market today
    Can I pay in installment at no interest?
    Yes. The solution you are looking for is 0% installment. With this option, you can bring home your purchase and pay for it in up to 12 months at no interest whatsoever.

    Quick Tips
    You can relax when you see the 0% Installment logo at your favorite shop. Metrobank Card Corporation’s partners - over hundreds of merchant establishments around the country – offer this feature.

    How are interest fees computed?
    If the Card Member opts to pay the Minimum Amount Due or any amount less than the Total Amount Due, the Card Member agrees to pay the finance charge and other charges, as provided by MCC, plus any applicable taxes and charges required by the government on such charges. The finance charge, at MCC’s prevailing rate, will be computed based on the unpaid balance as of the given cut-off date and shall continue to be imposed until the outstanding balance and applicable interest are fully paid. Interest will be computed as follows:

    Card Member’s previous outstanding balance as reflected in the current Statement of Account (SOA) computed from a day after the cut-off of the previous SOA to a day before the payment transaction date, plus Card Member’s previous outstanding balance less payment/s made and any credit adjustments computed from the payment transaction date to the beginning of the next statement cut-off.

    Interest on Cash Advances are computed from the transaction date to the next statement date.

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    Other Important Information When Using Your Credit Card

    Promotional call, collection call, and security alert call: what’s the difference?
    As part of our commitment to serve you better, you may from time to time receive several calls to keep you informed about our products and services, and to ensure that your accounts remain secure.

    Security Alert Calls
    From time to time, you may receive calls confirming and validating a particular transaction you have made. Don’t worry. This is a security measure to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

    Promotional Calls
    Promotional calls are conducted by our Telesales agents for select cardholders to know more about our exclusive programs and offers. These sales offers are designed to fit your busy lifestyle and varying financial requirements.

    Collections Calls
    Collections calls are made to remind you of payment-related concerns. These are meant to provide you with information in case you missed or overlooked your due dates. That way, you can continue to enjoy using your credit card.

    Quick Tips
    1. Our Telesales Team will not ask you to surrender your existing credit cards or ask monetary compensation for facilitating processing of product and services. Beware of modus operandi for Credit Card Fraud.
    2. Sometimes, our Fraud Management Unit may arrange to have your credit card account replaced, depending on levels of risk identified by our system which may lead to unauthorized transactions.
    3. Notify us of changes in your contact information by calling our Customer Service Hotline at 88-700-700.
    Can I use my credit card overseas?
    Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted in over 40 million establishments worldwide. Look for the logo. Inform us of your travel plans to ensure that the card transactions made within and outside the country are valid and authorized by you. Call our customer service hotline prior to your departure so we can assist you in all your travel-related card transaction inquiries. Please provide us with your travel date and destination for our reference and monitoring.

    Quick Tip
    Let us know of your travel itinerary for ease and convenient shopping abroad.

    How are foreign currency transactions billed in my credit card?
    All charges, advances, or amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso (PHP) shall be converted to PHP. Transactions in US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Yuan+, Swiss Francs+ and Danish Kroner+ shall be converted using the foreign exchange selling rate of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company on transaction posting date. Transactions denominated in currencies other than the aforementioned shall be converted using Mastercard/Visa’s currency conversion rate at the time of posting. All converted transactions shall be charged Mastercard/Visa’s assessment fee plus 2.5% processing fee, the rate of which may be adjusted from time to time. The assessment fee shall likewise apply to transactions involving foreign currencies converted to PHP at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad, or online. Service fees may also be charged to cover costs incurred to discharge the amount(s) due Mastercard/Visa and/or acquiring bank and/or foreign merchant affiliates.

    +Effective July 15, 2019

    What can I get out of my earned Rewards Points?
    A wide variety of selection is available for you to redeem your earned rewards points. To redeem, click on this link https://www.metrobankcard.com/Rewards.

    Quick Tip
    You may save and use your earned rewards points to reverse your annual membership fee. This could also be used to show your support to the causes of ICANSERVE Foundation Inc. and Metrobank Foundation.
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    What is Yazz Prepaid card?

    The Yazz Prepaid Card is a reloadable general purpose prepaid VISA card that you may use as much as you load. You may buy and register the card for only PHP300.00 from our Merchant Partners, SM Business Centers, Family Mart Convenience Stores, select CDR-King Stores, and National Bookstores nationwide. You may also load it from these partner stores, as well as Robinsons Business Centers.

    To load the card, simply provide your card number and the amount that you want to be loaded. There is a loading fee of PHP20.00 per load transaction. Once the card is loaded, you may use it wherever VISA is accepted like major supermarkets, restaurants, and other stores. The YAZZ Card can also be used for online purchases such as buying airline tickets or shopping on online stores. You may also withdraw the cash loaded on the card through any MBTC and PSBANK ATMs with a withdrawal fee of PHP20.00 upon successful nomination of your ATM PIN via the Yazz Customer Service team. For more information, you may call our Yazz Customer Service Hotline at (02) 737 3333 or 0918 909 3333 or send them an email at [email protected]. You may also visit their website at WWW.YAZZCARD.COM.

    Want to know more about YAZZ Card? Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram – YAZZCARDPH.

    What is the difference of Yazz Prepaid card from MCC credit card products?
    Both MCC Credit Cards (including PSBank Credit Card) and Yazz Prepaid card can be used in physical and online stores. The amount that you could use for transaction for Yazz Prepaid card should be equivalent to the amount you have reloaded for the card, while credit card transactions should be within the card’s available credit limit. MCC credit cards can be used for installment transactions, while Yazz Prepaid is limited to straight purchases only. Both cards are powered by Metrobank Card Corporation [A FINANCE COMPANY AND GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY] (MCC).

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    Latest MCC Cards as of October 1, 2019

    Metrobank Titanium MasterCard (Php 2,500 Annual Fee ***)
    Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa Platinum (Php 2,500 Annual Fee)
    Metrobank Vantage MasterCard/Visa (Php 1,500 Annual Fee)

    Click photo for Card Details. You will be redirected to MetrobankCard's Website.
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    ehleesyan said:
    bishi0316 said:

    Bukod pa po ba ang login credentials ng metrobank mobile banking sa metrobankdirect online? I mean, nag register kasi ako sa mobile app para i enroll ang credit card ko (I do not have savings account w/ them) pero di ako maka log-in gamit ang credentials ko sa metrobank direct nila online.

    Not sure kung naitanong na po ito noon, thanks po sa makakasagot!
    Separate Applications ang Metrobank DirectMetrobank M Online, at ang Metrobank Mobile App.
    Magkakaibang login account ang kailangan dito.

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    Metrobank Card Corporation is committed to ensuring our products and services meet your expectations and requirements and we are here to listen to your concerns.

    Our Customer Service Hotlines gives you access to a customer service representative 24/7. Simply call the following numbers:

      Customer Service (632) 88-700-700
      Domestic Toll Free 1-800-1888-5775
      International Toll Free + 800-8-700-0707
      (Metrobank Peso Platinum Mastercard, Metrobank World Mastercard, Metrobank Femme Signature Visa and Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa)
      VIP Customer Service (632) 88-700-707
      Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-8700-707
      Customer Service (632) 88-700-772
      Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-8700-772
      Customer Service (632) 88-603-030
      Customer Service (632) 88-700-766
      Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-8700-766
      Metrobank Card Collections Hotline
      (632) 88-700-711 or
      (632) 88-700-970
      Fax (632) 88- 987-244
      Domestic Toll Free 1-800-1888-5775
      Recruitment Helpdesk: (632) 88-989-607
      Customer Service (632) 87-373-333
      0918-909-3333 or 0917-800-5751

    Our Domestic Toll Free Numbers may be accessed using a PLDT line.

    You may also reach us via email at [email protected]. Our Email team is ready to assist you from Mondays through Fridays 8:30AM to 5:30PM.

    Please update your Personal Information with us.
    In compliance with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular 706, as amended by Circular 950, we request all our Cardholders and their Supplementary cardholders to update your personal information with us to fully enjoy our services.
    Simply call Metrobank Card’s 24/7 Customer Service Hotline at 88-700-700 or 1-800-1888-5775 to update your information on our records. We will take it to mean that your information is updated if we do not hear from you.

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