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Nordette ECP took the dose 3x

Me and my partner had a "protected" sex" last friday around 12am but just to make sure I made her take Nordette ECP on 12noon, she wasn't able to take the 2nd dose which is after 12 hours (as what is said in the instruction) instead she did the dose all over again after 2 days, on sunday 6pm she took the first dose and and the 2nd dose, monday 6am. Is still effective even if she redid the dosage?


  • Nordette as an ECP should be taken on the recommended schedule, otherwise it's efficacy will decrease. More importantly, based on your other post here, it seems you and your partner are using two contraceptive methods probably, for added "safety." I suggest you don't use ECP as one of these methods since it isn't intended for that. It only has an efficacy rate of 75% plus it predisposes the woman to side effects due to the high dose. If you really want to practice double contraception then stick with methods that have high efficacy rates and are really intended for partners who have intercourse regularly (as opposed to ECP which is only intended for unplanned sex). A good example is a barrier method (condom) plus oral contraceptive pills (OCP) given in the standard regimen (daily) instead of as ECP.
  • She's safe if doses are taken within 72 hours after sexual intercourse ..
    Even if it's her ovulation date...
    For Nordette to work as ECP ..
    4 pills should be taken then another 4 pills after 12 hours .. good luck :D
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