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Is this a talking bird??

My tito gave me this bird. He said nagsasalita siya but I doubted it. So I googled all kinds of talking birds but I found none of its kind. Ang pinaka-close na nahanap kong kamukha niya is the Blue fronted amazon but malayo din pala.. maingay siya actually. Hindi din namin alam if it's a boy or girl and its age, if bata pa or adult na.

So are you guys familiar to this bird? Is it talking one?



  • johnuniversejohnuniverse PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    patugtugan mo ng radyo everyday, kausapin mo regularly

    if it picks up words and imitates it then nagsasalita nga sya

    paghindi, ayos lang, animals deserve some conversation with their human companions

    at first glance it looks like our parrot bought in cartimar pero the blue-green color on his head makes it different
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