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The PBA Trash Talk - All in Fun!

Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator
Today, we make a landmark move here in the PBA Boards of PEX. Since all of us here are basketball fans, primarily PBA followers, it's incumbent on us to cheer for our favorite teams while diss the opponents. And because of the common passion we all share for the sport and the league, we end up getting carried away with our posts, oftentimes lambasting players from our teams when they make a bad decision, or jeer at the opponents' best players as part of the psychological warfare.

We don't want to spoil the fun, much more, control the degree of creativity PEXers can bring when they do this. It's not only entertaining, it makes for a wonderful laugh that can light up our day. At times though, some passionate fans do not welcome the sight of such dissing in their own teams' threads as this is home to them, a sacred place that should be respected.

Hence, this thread. It's a no-holds barred forum where you can post your ribbings, your funny memes, your sarcastic posts, on anything under the sun related to the PBA. The PEX Admin and Mods won't control what you write, so long as these are all in the guise of having fun and NOT at the expense of another PEXer. There will be some regulations though, just to make sure this thread doesn't degenerate into a trashbin of filth. But we'll give plenty of latitude for anyone who would want to poke fun with players and teams. If we go overboard, we have an option to close the thread and penalize the culprits.

Here are some control measures:

1. The standard PEX regulations on posting will be retained. No cursing, swearing, bad words.

2. No PEXer is allowed to poke fun at another PEXer, particularly on his personality. We'll cut some space for a PEXer teasing another PEXer for his team preferences, not unlike how we do things in elementary and high school.

3. This thread is expected to take away all the nonsense arguments in the team threads with the hope of "sanitizing" these threads. You can do it all here.

4. There'll be stricter measures to be enforced for PEXers who conduct this way of posting in the team threads. No warnings will be given - instead, suspensions or outright account banning will be done for violations like flame-baiting, trolling, etc.

5. Post here with the intention of pure fun. You can argue with each other, you can exchange witty and acerbic posts against one another - so long as it remains above board.

Have fun guys! Let the dissing game begin!!!


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