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SECB/SBC Security Bank Corporation : Product Offerings

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Security Bank Corporation is a universal bank in the Philippines. It was established on June 18, 1951 as Security Bank and Trust Company and was the first private and Filipino-controlled bank of the post-World War II period. Security Bank was publicly listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1995 (PSESECB).

Security Bank was publicly-listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: SECB) in 1995. Over the years, the Bank prudently managed to remain as one of the most stable in the banking industry. Its major businesses include retail, commercial and corporate banking, and financial markets. It offers a wide range of services including financing and leasing, foreign exchange and stock brokerage, investment banking and asset management through its subsidiaries.

In 2014, Security Bank embarked on a rebranding campaign called "BetterBanking" to further strengthen market appreciation of its retail banking business which complements its wholesale banking business.[1] In 2016, they continued this campaign with the "BetterBanking Stories" that featured prominent clients of the bank.[2]

In January 2016, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan's largest bank, acquired the 20% minority stake of Security Bank for a deal worth 36.9 billion pesos


Security Bank was established on June 18, 1951 as Security Bank and Trust Company (SBTC) in Manila. At the time, SBTC was the first privately-owned, Filipino-controlled bank of the post-World War II era. The bank's head office was first located in the Don Roman Santos Building on Plaza Goiti, moving to Escolta in 1954. At the time, Security Bank was so aggressive in opening branches that at one point during the 1950s, it had more branches in Metro Manila than any other local bank.

Beginning in the 1960s, Security Bank also started expanding outside Metro Manila, with the opening of its first provincial branch in Angeles CityPampanga. Within the decade, the bank started a rapid expansion in the provinces. It was also in the 1960s that Security Bank led a consortium of local and foreign companies that lent US$62 million to the Lopez family to fund their acquisition of Meralco, the first of its kind in Philippine banking history.

In the 1970s, Security Bank issued its first credit card, introducing the Philippines to Diners Club. It also marked the start of the bank's trust offerings, many of which were deemed innovative, and still survive today as pre-need and common-trust plans, of which they are descended from Security Bank's offerings at the time. Towards the end of the 1970s, the bank was granted permission to operate a foreign currency division by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It widened its investment services portfolio in the 1980s, even when the Philippines was thrown into a deepening political crisis. Like other major banks, Security Bank survived.

The 1990s brought in new owners led by present chairman Frederick Y. Dy. On April 26, 1994, the bank was issued a universal banking license by the BSP. With the issuance of its universal banking license, the legal name of Security Bank changed to the present-day Security Bank Corporation. The bank also moved to its new headquarters along Ayala Avenue in Makati City. SBC's stock was also formally listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange on June 8, 1995, with a 1.5 billion-peso initial public offering.[4]

In 2016, the bank partnered with Japan's largest bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) to bolster its capital and enhance their global capabilities. BTMUis now the second largest shareholder of Security Bank while Security Bank is now an equity affiliate of BTMU.[5] The bank celebrated its sixty-fifth anniversary on June 18, 2016.



  • metropolitanmetropolitan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Bakit naisipan mong magkaroon ng account sa Security Bank?
    Hindi naman malayo ang pinagkaiba ng Security Bank sa iba pang mga commercial at universal banks.
  • cotton_oncotton_on PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^actually may account na ako sa BPI (it was converted to a savings account and it was previously then a payroll account, then the company I am currently employed opened a new payroll account for the employees)

    maiba lang sa mga very mainstream na banks like BPI and BDO.

    I am inquiring if stable ba yung security bank when it comes to handling accounts of the depositors.
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Security Bank has a market capitalization of P67.8 Billion. By that measure I think it is stable enough for your needs. You should evaluate based on other criteria, such as location of the branch, product/service offerings, and competence of the staff.

    Historically, this bank's target market was medium scale enterprises and large corporations, not retail (individuals). However, they are opening new branches left and right so the situation might be changing.
  • Hi, question I forgot my ATM PIN. What is the process for reseting my ATM PIN..should I go to nearest security bank or its possible over the phone...thanks in advance..
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    KuyaDanny wrote: »
    Historically, this bank's target market was medium scale enterprises and large corporations, not retail (individuals). However, they are opening new branches left and right so the situation might be changing.

    Yes, they definitely are going after retail now:

    For those who choose a bank based on the beauty of its endorsers, it's hard to go wrong with Megan Young, with or without a Miss World title. ;)
  • KuyaDanny wrote: »
    Yes, they definitely are going after retail now:

    This looks very promising. Sa kanila nalang ako mag open. For 100K dami perks. Sa HSBC nganga ang perks kahit nasa 600k na ang deposit namin dun. Thanks for sharing Kuya Danny!
  • markapinyamarkapinya PEx Rookie ⭐
    I opened an account with Security Bank just last week. I took the advice I got from this forum and went to a branch that was new (i.e. in the process of getting new customers).

    True enough, the service was excellent and the staff who assisted me was knowledgeable. There was very little paper work as they enter your info direct to the computer then once done, they print it for you to sign. I got my atm card and internet access codes immediately.

    Now for the bad part. Somehow, their system failed to link my ATM card to my account (so basically I cannot use it). My internet banking is also 90% not working. When I called, I was told it is related to my ATM card problem.

    I went back to the branch to report the problem. But until now, it hasn't been fixed. My account is basically useless to me and no timeframe was given to fix the problem.

    So I'm going to close my account (or leave the minimum for 30 days then close it to avoid the fee). In theory, their service aspirations are very good but in practice, it didn't work for me.
  • ^Anong branch yan pards?
  • markapinyamarkapinya PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's in QC.

    In the end, nagdecide ako to just keep the account :) Nag effort naman talaga yung taga branch to get their systems people to fix it.

    Can't help but compare them with the staff ng big blue bank. Nung nagka problem ako na system related din ang ginawa nung branch staff tumawag sa call center nila at pinasa sa akin yung phone para ako ang kumausap, hahaha (indeed they find ways)

    I also admit to being bribed. Yung gold card nila had some good coupons that I can use. At me free upsize din sa coffee bean, lol.
  • @markapinya binigyan ka ba ng pre-qualified cred card?
  • ^ helen balitaan kita bukas. mag open kami sa security bank.
  • thanks undomesticatedme :)
  • opened an account yesterday. we got the build up savings regular and deposited 150k to avail of the gold circle membership. we were issued the atm, passbook and gold circle card in less than half an hour. also, they helped us in submitting the application for the gold credit card. this is pre-qualified, so subject for approval pa daw although it says naman sa gold circle leaflet that all gold circle members have "free credit cards" so we'll see...
  • @undomesticatedme kelangan ba may work kapag mag aapply ng credit card? Wala kasi ako work eh pero may monthly pera na pinapadala sa akin. Ano sinubmit mo sa pagapply ng gold credit card?
  • we submitted our IDs lang. wala naman iba hiningi though we are self-employed.
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator

    Wala lang. Happy Birthday to Miss World, Megan Young! :)
  • Ok ba credit cards ng security bank? I was planning to apply one kasi may payroll card ako dito...saka papatulong ako sa boss hehehe
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator

    Kindly discuss Security Bank credit cards in this thread:

    Security Bank Credit Card

    Thank you.
  • markapinyamarkapinya PEx Rookie ⭐
    Finally used my gold card today. And the priority service is indeed true. Ang okay kasi discreet. Unlike sa BPI na nakikita mo yung preferred clients na inuuna ng mga tellers, sa Security Bank dun ka lang sa new accounts table. Then sila na pumupunta sa likod ng teller to process your transactions. So no dagger looks from those na matagal nang nakapila.
  • undomesticatedmeundomesticatedme PEx Rookie ⭐
    markapinya nagamit mo na coupons? hehe. di pa namin magamit ang "perk" ng gold kasi pag pupunta kami ng branch walang tao parati. hahaha!
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