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GIANT WATCH: Junemar Fajardo vs. Greg Slaughter (Renewing the Rivalry)



  • sizzling wrote: »
    Excellent observation! Parang hindi pa talaga hinahanap si Fajardo. Tuwing pumoposte siya, kung may defender na kahit half-hearted lang ang effort to deny the passing lane, sumusuko na agad yung passer. Iniikot na agad sa kabila yung bola.

    On the up side, imagine what Fajardo can do if he becomes Petron's go-to guy.

    baka 23 PPG 16 RPG 2BPG:)
  • sizzlingsizzling PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    After playing 8 games each, personal foul management is one of those "little things" that somehow affected the players' games. Here's a quick comparison...

    June Mar
    - 4.5 fouls per game
    - gave up 5 fouls thrice, fouled out once

    - 1.62 fouls per game
    - never burdened by foul trouble

    Isama na rin natin si Japeth
    - 2.5 fouls per game
    - never in serious foul trouble
  • real13fast13real13fast13 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sizzling wrote: »
    After playing 8 games each, personal foul management is one of those "little things" that somehow affected the players' games. Here's a quick comparison...

    June Mar
    - 4.5 fouls per game
    - gave up 5 fouls thrice, fouled out once

    - 1.62 fouls per game
    - never burdened by foul trouble

    Isama na rin natin si Japeth
    - 2.5 fouls per game
    - never in serious foul trouble

    halos si junmar lang kasi talaga ang taga defend ng petron sa loob eh..
    iba talaga yung twin tower ng ginebra.. di nagsasapawan di rin nag kukulang..
  • LoofeeLoofee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    lovejones wrote: »
    Since kinarir mo na, gayahin na rin kita :rotflmao: so that everyone of us can make an assessment based on raw data:


    stats courtesy of pba-online.net

    Good thing you were able to find these numbers.Effort talaga. Based on the statistics you have provided..the average of Fajardo (8 games played) and Slaughter (1st 8 games) are the following:

    Fajardo: 10.625 points, 9 rebounds, 0.125 assist, 0.875 steal, 1.375 blocks in 25.875 minutes per game

    Slaughter: 15 points, 10.62 rebounds, 0.75 assist,0.25 steal, 2 blocks in 33.62 minutes per game

    Looking merely at the averages lamang na lamang si Slaughter but if we dig deeper,halos magiging pareho lang. Like what everybody have observed, Fajardo was not the main offensive option of Petron in last season's All Filipino. In fact of the 5 guys on the court, I would say he was the LAST OPTION. We compare their FG attempts: Fajardo (6.75 attempts) to Slaughter (10.125). That is almost 4 more attempts for Slaughter. Even in the current conference, Slaughter has more attempts (81) than Fajardo (72) in 8 games.

    And then we have the playing time disparity...a whopping 8 minutes! If we extrapolate Fajardo's stats to that of Slaughter in 33.62 minutes,we'll have:

    13.8 points, 11.69 rebounds, 0.16 assist, 1.14 steals, 1.79 blocks

    Halos pareho lang.

    Pero ang di matatawaran ay ang improvement sa laro ni June Mar.His current stats:

    15.5 points, 17.25 rebounds,1.62 assists,0.38 steal, 3 blocks in 37.12 minutes per game

    Nakakamangha yung 17 rebounds per game. Kahit noong prime nina Asi at Eric, di sila nag-average ng ganyan sa rebounding.
  • ^i think ang reason nag aaverage ng 17 RPG si Fajardo ay dahil walang defensive 3 seconds sa PBA at marami rin mintis mga tira ng mga teams kaya nga ilang games na hindi umaabot ng 100 points ang lahat ng team.

    pero kahit meron ng defensive 3 seconds, kaya pa rin ni Fajardo mag average ng double-double
  • Ahura MazdaAhura Mazda Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Fajardo vs Slaughter a reincarnation of iconic Fernandez-Guidaben rivalry, says Cebu great Cabahug

    IF PBA great Elmer 'Boy' Cabahug is to be believed, the PBA may be on the verge of seeing a reincarnation of the iconic rivalry between Mon Fernandez and Abet Guidaben.

    With the first pro league match-up between Cebuano giants Greg Slaughter of Ginebra and Petron’s June Mar Fajardo on Christmas Day drawing so much attention, Cabahug said there are just too many parallels not to believe that the league is bound to see a revival of the league's premier big men rivalry.

    Although both Fajardo and Slaughter are still in their early years in the pro league, former Purefoods and Alaska hotshot Cabahug believes both players have the tools to become the PBA 's next dominant centers, much like Fernandez and Guidaben who won six Most Valuable Player awards between them during their time.

    Like Slaughter and Fajardo who attended the University of Visayas and the University of Cebu, respectively, Fernandez and Guidaben took their first steps to stardom in the Queen City of the South.

    Fernandez starred for the University of San Carlos while Guidaben was the anchor of the University of San Jose-Recoletos. That started a rivalry that hit its peak during the Crispa-Toyota glory years and became so intense it became personal for the two big men.

    Decades later, two big men from the South are once again taking Philippine basketball by storm.

    However, Cabahug and a couple of other coaches and players will attest neither Slaughter nor Fajardo looked nowhere this good when they first showed their wares in the country's basketball hotbed.

    Slaughter arrived at the Colon St. campus of the Green Lancers in 2007 out of shape, barely able to catch a ball. But with the diligent supervision of Cabahug and another PBA player in Al Solis, Slaughter slowly developed his low-post game.

    “When he first got here, I just really wanted him to focus on defense. We didn’t need him to score especially since we had other big men like Ariel Mepana (a former Alaska Ace), Rino Berame (played in the PBL) and Michael Luga,” said Cabahug.

    Cabahug’s son, Elmer Mykiel, a former teammate of Slaughter with the Green Lancers before transferring to Ateneo where he is currently playing for the Glory-B team, echoed his father’s assessment.

    “When Greg got to UV, he still had a lot to learn. He was out of shape but he had the basic fundamentals. Fortunately, with Coach Boy and Al’s early-morning training sessions, he improved tremendously after his first season,” said the younger Cabahug.

    A few blocks away, the 6-foot-9 Fajardo arrived at the Cebu Coliseum in basically the same state as Slaughter.

    “When he first got to UC, he had a lot to learn about basketball. But he had the shooting skills already. He shot a lot in practice,” said former UC guard Lawrence Agas.

    Another former teammate, Edward Pao, said the gentle giant they fondly called 'Abai' was no more than a long-term project when he arrived on campus in 2007.

    “When I first joined the UC practice, Abai already had his shooting touch and he was always agile but he didn't have the footwork, defensive and offensive awareness. He had to put in a lot time to learn his post moves, too,” said Pao.

    With the Cesafi not having any TV coverage, and the media coverage limited to print, the early years of the Fajardo-Slaughter rivalry drew roars from mammoth crowds in Cebu but hardly registered a bleep on the national basketball landscape.

    “Abai was fast and mobile while Greg was stronger and had a lot more post moves. They really cancelled each other out in all their games in the Cesafi,” said Mykiel Cabahug.

    “Greg could defend Abai in the low post. But when Abai took Greg out to the perimeter, Greg could not keep up with him since he wasn’t so good with his lateral movement back then. They really challenged one another,” said the elder Cabahug.

    “Abai’s battles with Greg in the Cesafi were things to watch! Two giants just going at it! They were two different players. Abai was agile and Greg was just big,” shared Pao.

    While Slaughter won one more Cesafi crown for UV before leaving for Ateneo, Fajardo dominated after he left. He won titles for UC in 2010 and 2011 and bagged MVP awards along the way including the Collegiate Player of the Year plum in the Philippine Collegiate Champions League in 2011.

    Now the south is eager to see two of its sons collide for the first time on the big stage.

    “I think it will be a good match-up now because June Mar and Greg have improved a lot. Way back in Cebu, Greg was better than June Mar but we'll see na lang this Christmas what will happen,” said Chris Diputado, UV’s main playmaker when Greg was still playing for the Green Lancers.

    “I think it will be a game that will never be forgetten. We are all waiting for that match-up. June Mar and Greg have improved a lot. Now, it will be all about who is tougher,” chimed in Agas.

    “The new era of PBA centers has just begun. And we are in for a treat” said Pao.
  • jamjomjamjom PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    :( injured daw si junmar fajardo kaya may chance na hindi maganap tong clash of the giants ngayong pasko.
  • BoyingBoying Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    sana gumaling na si fajardo at makpag laro
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    fajardo out of the conference?
  • ginkings1999ginkings1999 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sayang ng match up na to,mukhang di na matutuloy:(
  • I'm a bit sad about this news... Fajardo collided knees with Tubid, according to Snow... Sayang... I was looking forward to their clash... Siguro nga hindi pa time... I think Greg needs to polish his skills more para makapag match-up ng mabuti kay Junemar... Para single coverage lang...
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    sprained MCL
  • tambayan101tambayan101 Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Gusto daw ng iba na magrefund ng ticket? :D
  • tambayan101tambayan101 Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Lugi yung mga bumili sa scalpers :D
  • ginkings1999ginkings1999 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    basta kami mga ginebra fans matuloy o hindi man ang sagupaan ni kraken at gregzilla,ay manonood at susuporta parin kami sa team mamaya vs petron,good luck to both teams and NSD
  • paul14petronpaul14petron PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sayang talaga. Kung nakapaglaro lang si Junemar, iba ang istorya ng laban.
  • KiyancarmeloKiyancarmelo PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    medyo mabagal pa si greg, pero ilang games pa lang naman nilalaro nya. for sure pag tagal tagal titibay din ang kaha netong rookie na 'to.
  • c Junemar mas madaming Moves kay sa kay Greg pero mas active sa defense c Slaughter... Opinion lang ^_^
  • oyen_invaderoyen_invader PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Update as of July 18, 2015

    June Mar Fajardo

    2-time MVP ( back to back!!)
    3-time BPC Awardee
    1-time Finals MVP
    2-time Mythical 5 Member
    1-time Mythical 2nd Team Member
    2-time Defensive Team Member
    2-time PBA Champion
    Career Ave: 15 ppg, 12 rpg 1.6 bpg

    Greg Slaughter

    Rookie of The Year
    1-time Mythical 5 member
    1-time Mythical 2nd Team Member
    Career Ave: 14 ppg 10 rpg 1.1 bpg

    Hi Carmela!!!:rotflmao:
  • Jess24Jess24 PEx Expert 🎖️
    mejo napagiwanan na si Greg in terms of individual awards and titles. pero di naman ganun kasama si Greg eh. the career numbers are not that far from JF, and naka Mythical Team din sya on his each of his first 2 years.

    sympre you can only do so much while playing for the Kangkong team :lol:
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