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R.i.p cory monteith

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Cory Monteith Found Dead :sob:


Glee star Cory Monteith has died at the age of 31 in his home country of Canada, according to Vancouver police officials. No cause of death could immediately be determined. Keep checking back here for more details.

In March of 2013, Monteith disclosed that he was seeking treatment for addiction.

A rep for the actor told People at the time, "[Monteith] has voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction. He graciously asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery."

Monteith's first rehab stint came when he went into treatment at 19. In a 2011 interview, Monteith opened up about his history with abuse, saying, "I don't want kids to think it's okay to drop out of school and get high, and they'll be famous actors, too. But for those people who might give up: Get real about what you want and go after it."


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