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Planning to take MMA after high school..any infos?

Hello to all benildians!
Ask ko *** po kung mataas po ba ang standards ng benilde when it comes to grades from high school? Gusto ko po kasing kumuha ng MMA sa benilde,kasi may nag suggest sakin.Although hindi ako sure kasi nakakakuha ako ng line of 7 sa card,and it's math and science(physics and chem) as low as 75.But i really love editing pictures,illustrating,editing videos and stuff..
Also,mahirap po ba ang entrance exam sa benilde?
I'm currently in 3rd year high school,btw.


  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. As with any other college, you just need to meet the minimum grade requirements for you to qualify for the exam. Plus, you won't really gonna have to spend an extra four years for those subjects anyway as many of the general subjects covering at least Math, English and Filipino are sure easy passes if you know your stuff in high school. The real challenge would have to be the ones you'll be taking afterwards. You can talk to your guidance counselor for some advice regarding college admissions.

    2. The entrance exam is actually easy if you treat it like any scholastic exam you're taking right now in high school. Just review your notes well and and always be positive that it would come out right in the end.

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