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How much are you a man/ a woman?

When asked “Are you a man or a woman?” most people will easily choose one of the two binary options. But what will be the answer if they are asked how much they are a man and how much they are a woman? Answering this question is the aim of this study, conducted by Tel Aviv University research group.
We would be glad if you fill out the questionnaire in the following link(anonymity guaranteed) and then share it with others. Thank you!
Thank you, the research team: Prof. Daphna Joel, Dr. Effi Ziv, Dr. Maya Mukamel, Dr. Ricardo Tarrasch, Zohar Berman

(Dear moderator, this is not spam, just kindly asking for help with an important academic study. Wasn't sure about your policy and didn't find how to contact you, but if it's against your rules, please give it a chance and don't delete)


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