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Expenses. Please help!

Hi, I'm a HS student and for our project, we have to fill out a table about certain expenses in studying in our chosen university - UST, in my case. I don't really know anyone from ust so data gathering is really hard. Can you please help me? :)

* per sem
I don't really mind if you won't be able to answer all of them. :) Just please help me :( Oh and please include your year. It's needed rin kasi eh :( Thanks a bunch!


  • gesamtkunstwerkgesamtkunstwerk PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    dalaw ka sa website ng UST meron dun *** tuition per college
  • *TUITION This sem, 42,000 ako. (Commerce 4th yr)
    *MISCELLANEOUS kasama na sa tuition
    *BOOK ALLOWANCE around 1-1.5k per sem
    SCHOOL SUPPLIES malaki na yung 100 sa pagpasok ng sem, per week? siguro 20-50
    TRANSPORTATION 100 per day (ust-bulacan)
    BOARD/RENT wala akong dorm
    FOOD 100 per day
    UNIFORM wala
    SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS bihira, usually free
    EMERGENCY FUND 500 (nasa wallet)
    CELLPHONE LOAD 600-700 sa bill unli cal and text ako sa globe
    ENTERTAINMENT siguro around 100 per week
  • *TUITION 50 to 60k per sem (kung Archi ka)
    *MISCELLANEOUS kasama na yan sa tuition
    *BOOK ALLOWANCE depende sa subject
    SCHOOL SUPPLIES mga 1k plus (magastos sa gamit pag archi)
    TRANSPORTATION mga 30 per day (QC area ako)
    BOARD/RENT none
    FOOD 200 per day for me
    UNIFORM pag 1st year lang gagastos, mga 2k for me
    ON-THE-JOB TRAINING, after grad ang OJT ng archi
    SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS free naman yan, for my course
    EMERGENCY FUND, 1k ako
    CELLPHONE LOAD 100 load a week
    ENTERTAINMENT 500 a week

    Well, kung Architecture, pipiliin mo, magastos na course yan, sa tuition at sa archi stuffs
  • College of Nursing

    *TUITION 60k
    *MISCELLANEOUS included sa tuition
    *BOOK ALLOWANCE 2k per sem
    SCHOOL SUPPLIES 500PHP per sem
    TRANSPORTATION 2,500 per sem
    BOARD/RENT wala
    FOOD 3k per sem
    UNIFORM Lecture uniform, RLE uniform, Duty uniform, Special Areas uniform (OR,DR,ER), Community uniform 5k per sem
    ON-THE-JOB TRAINING kasama na sa tuition
    CELLPHONE LOAD 200PHP per month
    ENTERTAINMENT 500PHP per month
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  • TUITION - 40k-50k per sem (Commerce) magmamahal yan pag magtatake ka ng ROTC or CWTS pero magmumura pagfourth year ka na kasi kaunti na lang mga subjects mo.
    Fourth year na ko so mga 40K tuition namin.
    BOOK ALLOWANCE - Asked from Parents
    pero books in Commerce can range from around 250 to 3000 per book
    SCHOOL SUPPLIES - around 1000 to 3000 per sem
    TRANSPO - in my case 90 a day back and forth na yun
    FOOD - 0 (Kapag maaga uwi kain na lang sa bahay) or 50 everyday sa mga kainan, pero in ocassions gusto ko sa mahal nakakagastos ako ng around 200+
    UNIFORM - around 2-3K actually never akong nagpalit ng uniform kung anong ginagamit ko noong 1st year ako yun pa rin
    SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS - nyay ito ang pinakamagastos lalo na pag required sometimes libre pero mostly 100 to 1000 per seminar around usually 1 to 3 seminars per sem
    CELLPHONE LOAD - 100 to 300 per month, lalo na pag lumalablayp ka
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