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Vitamin Interaction

Hello. I want to ask how one should assess his daily vitamin intake. I have always been confused about mine, if drinking milk twice a day, taking vitamin b complex tablets, cherifer, whey protein, is okay? Am I exceeding what am I supposed to have? Thanks :)


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    You seem okay. You are just consuming healthy food supplements. Milk and whey protein are known to cause lactose intolerance (indigestion) but they seem to be okay with you, otherwise you would have stopped them. Vit B supplementation is safe and goo, overdose is not commonly associated with Vit B. The Cherifer you take is Vit. C presumably. That should be okay. I won't recommend Vitamin supplements for young people with good diet because these vitamins are easily found in good food. But if you want to take them anyway, they won't hurt you.
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