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Transferring and Shifting to UST's AB POLSCI. Help.

Hello. Im a 1st year - Industrial Engineering student and frankly, i'm not enjoying my course at all. I mean, i'm not that good in math but im not bad at it as well; as they say, my math skills are average. But my first course choice was pre-law talaga and I regretted not choosing a pre-law course since mas forte ko talaga yung mga ginagawa dun, okay, maybe not forte but that's what I enjoy.
Tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng mag transfer and mag shift sa UST's AB POLSCI next semester. And how? Help, please? :)
Ano po ba yung mga pwedeng ma credit sakin na subjects? (NSTP, CHEM 001, MATH 001 (ALGEBRA), MATH 002 (TRIGONOMETRY), FIL 001, ENGL 001, CPE 001, COE 001)


  • please go to the AB dean's office and inquire. the pol sci program in AB is one of the hardest (not claiming the hardest) you will be swamped by readings and brain squeezing recitations and papers.nga pala pol sci is not just a prep for law the program in ab can stand on its own at di po batas ang pinagaaralan kundi pol theory at comparative politics. but if you got the heart then go!. goodluck.
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