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aim of promoting Filipino awareness on Asian culture,increase knowledge and enhance dialogue, encourage creative expression and generate new ideas across the fields of policy, business, education, arts, and culture.promote understanding of Asia through education and network links and in building cultural bridges .were way too engrossed with Western culture nowadays, we fail to become familiar with the identities of other Asian nations. This I thought was very ironic considering that we know a whole lot more about the US and Europe than we know our neighbors in Asia. to get a glimpse of life in other Asian countries.

Vietnam PhimBo


  • Thailand Lakorn


    The fate leads Doctor Thipthara, the youngest and only daughter in 4 twins from Adisuanrangsan Farm to meet and take care of Phuwanet, the patient who gets injured and lose his memory. She feels sorry for him, so she let him go to work in her brother's farm.

    Their love have been developed quietly, but her 3 brothers who are very possessive of their younger sister don't know about it. However, the barrier of the difference between the classes that she thinks that he's just a worker becomes a trivial matter when she knows later that in the fact, he is the Crown Prince of Parawat.

    How can a foreign girl like Thipthara can get through the barrier of Parawat's tradition to be with the man she loves?


    Because of the conflict between 2 families from the father generation makes Akkanee and Ajjima be enemies with each other since they were kids. When they grows up and take care of their own dairy farm which there's the white fence as a border, the quarrel and fight often happens between them. However, under their harshness against each other, they secretly care about each other.

    Later, when many incidents leads them to open their hearts to each other, they have to face the big barrier. Ajjima's father is still stubborn and doesn't accept this son-in-law-to-be. What can Akkanee get through the barrier?


    Pathapee, the owner of Thararin Resort has to confront with the trouble maker, Cha-em, a cunning girl who plans to make trouble in his resort with some reason.

    He is happy to keep an eye on this girl and see how she will trouble his resort.
    She has the mission to achieve her plan though he always can catch up with her tricks.

    He keep finding fault with her until he gets used to it and it has been develop to be love.


    Tichakorn is the Romance novel writer with the pen name "Humming Bird" and she's also the daughter of the sorcerer. She decides to go to research for her new novel in the vineyard. She has never thought that her fate will be changed when meets Wayupak, a playboy and the owner of Sailom vineyard though it's the terrible first meeting between them.

    Tichakorn has sixth sense and she sees that Wayupak has a female spirit who keeps following him everywhere, so she tries to tell him, but he doesn't believe her.

    In Wayupak's thought, Tichakorn is a nonsense and meddlesome girl.
    But he doesn't know since when she has been in his heart and he can't let her go.
  • try Indonesian Sinetron

    Classic folk tales told in a new style, enlightening us with moral values and the ancient culture. The stories are Maling Kundang, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Sangkuriang, etc. thrilling episodic drama series full of entertainment.
  • Malaysia is a multiracial country...

    Malaysian Chinese

    Yu Jianing, Shi Dafei and Zheng Yucheng have known each other since they were young. They grew up together, and had once made a common wish to be successful in life in the future. However, the three of them end up walking a different path when they grow up. Good friends become enemies and lovers are torn apart. It is the hand of fate toying with them indeed!

    Jianing was born into a small, happy family. However, her father abandons Jianing and her mother to marry a rich woman instead. Thereafter, Jianing? mother dies from cancer. Her father shows no concern at all regarding this. During an argument, Jianing injures her father who reports the incident to police and causes her to go to jail. This deepens Jianing? hatred, which spills over to include her stepsister Yu Tingli.

    Tingli is a doctor. She is pretty and kindhearted. However, due to a strict upbringing from her mother, Tingli has developed a secretly rebellious nature. After she gets to know Yucheng, Jianing and Dafei, she experiences a new side of life which she has never felt before. She also begins to fall for the hearty and positive Yucheng.

    After Yucheng? graduation, he joins Huakang Corporation as an employee. Yucheng performs well in the company and gets promoted time and again. The CEO of Huakang, Zheng Tian, reveals to Yucheng one day that he is in fact his biological son. Yucheng is stunned. He verifies this with his mother, who tells him that she did have a relationship with Zheng Tian and he is indeed Yucheng? birth father...

    Dafei? father earns a living by dishonest means. He and his father have relied on each other since he was young, depending on illegal gambling to earn their keep. Dafei and Jianing are always squabbling with each other yet manage to maintain a true friendship between them. One day, an accident reveals their true feelings for each other. Yucheng, who has secretly been in love with Jianing, also realises that he will never win her affections.

    On the other hand, Zheng Tian? youngest son, Vincent is a typical spoilt brat. Vincent killed Jianing? little sister in a moment of folly. Dafei is an eyewitness to the incident.

    Eventually, Vincent is not convicted and released but views Dafei as his enemy from then onwards.Jianing offends her father? wife and comes to harm under her vicious plotting. She almost drowns but is rescued by Dafei in the nick of time. The couple decides to move to the country and live a simple life.

    However, their peace and happiness is disrupted when Vincent is found murdered. Dafei is accused of killing Vincent. In fact, the real murderer is Tingli, who has had enough of Vincent? persistent hounding for her attention. So she accidentally killed Vincent. Yucheng pushes the blame on Dafei so as to save Tingli. Dafei is sentenced to a jail term. Thus, Jianing also begins her plan for revenge...

    Malaysian Malay

    Emil Emilda is about a girl name Emilda that works as a clerk in a Tv station.The way she looks like a 'clumsy' girl,Emilda is actually one of Tan Sri Nik Baseera's lovable clerk ,the CEO of Baseera Media Group (CHANNEL TWELVE) TV Station,because of her deeply interest in the world of tv broadcasting.

    One day,Tan Sri(that has no heir except his only evil niece )has found out that his only son who was lost after an accident 20 years ago is actually alive.

    So,Tan Sri is willing to meet his son name Boboi,face to face.Unfortunately,on his way to meet his lost son,the helicopter that carrying him is explode before crashing to the ground.Because of that,Tan Sri has found dead and Channel Twelve Tv Station has loss their CEO.So,Darleena(Tan Sri's evil niece)thinks that she should be the one who can replace his uncle's position as the CEO.But then,Nazeem,the company's lawyer,has announce that before Tan Sri off to Pahang,Tan Sri had stated that the only person that can replace him while he was searching for his son,Boboi is Emilda.

    From a clerk that is 'clumsy' and 'nerd',Emilda changes to become a new CEO of Baseera Media Group.But,it is not as easy as she thinks,Emilda is given a condition.She has to find a suitable husband for only 6 hours.

    Everyone has agreed and to save channel twelve from the evil Darleena,Emilda realises that she should fulfill Tan Sri's hope and take the responsibility.

    With the help from Nazeem,the company's loyal lawyer,Mac and EJ,her best friends,they willing to do everything to protect channel Twelve.

    But the problem is,how Emilda has to find her suitable husband for only in 6 hours?In this situation,Emil come to save the day.So,what is going to happen next?For the first time,watch Sharifah Amani as Emilda in this romantic comedy drama series,Emil Emilda...
  • even here in Cambodia they have their own drama and also from the philippines.

    from the Philippines
  • bakit ganun ang Philippines, hindi naman tayo ganun ka poor dba?

    Richest Nation in Asia

    Korea, South
    Sri Lanka
    Korea, North
  • Malaysian Drama


    All great achievements begin with a dream, an ambition and the utmost desire...

    In Kampung Juru, growing up as a village boy, Haziq has never been short of friends and time to play football. His immense talent was legendary even for a schoolboy and he inspired many around him with his football passion and generosity in sharing his skills

    Not before long, much to his mother's dislike he is spotted and encouraged to play football for a professional club. He moves to the big city, Kuala Lampur, where he joins a prestigious Football Club called Wira FC.

    At the football club, Haziq faces challenges in his quest to be recognized as a good footballer.
    However, he is attracted to Fiza who unknown to him is Jamal's girlfriend. Enjoying the status as club captain and basking in his past glory, Jamal, suddenly feels threaten and plans to thwart Haziq's footballing career. Meanwhile, Reena, the coach's daughter also has Haziq in her sights and things begin to get complicated between her and her best friend Fiza.

    Things take a turn for the worse, when the club's owner, Datuk Rahman is forced to turn his long time nemesis, Datuk Ghouse for financial support to keep the clup afloat. The latter is embroiled in an affair with Daria, his secretary, that threatens to expose itself when she discovers herself pregnant. Datin Sherry is not about to keep quit about this unhappy situation but is then faced with a past that has returned to haunt her and threatens to engulf her family.

    Bola Cinta - if only things were simple!

  • ganito ang mga artista sa pilipinas kung hindi tayo na colonizd ng Spain at America. kung maganda ka maganda ka talaga kahit pure kapa or mix or maitim, payat or mataba.

    Malaysian Drama
    This is the story of Dr. Adam Jamil and his five sons (Danial, Jimmy, Sam, Eddy, and Johan), each with distinctive personalities and lifestyles, which unfolds into a tussle between love and loyalty. Dr. Adam has been alone for 10 years since his wife died and has submerged himself into his work.

    Out of his five sons, he has a soft spot for Jimmy, who was betrayed by his brother Sam who ended up marrying Fiona, his fianc?e. Maya, the tutor for Dafi, Danial?s son is approached by Dr. Adam to get her interested in his son Jimmy but Maya misunderstands and assumes that Dr. Adam is attracted to her. Jimmy starts to fall for Maya but Dr. Adam is also beginning to yearn for companionship and he feels he gets that by being around Maya. At the same time, Jimmy has to endure the agony of living under the same roof as Sam and Fiona due to gambling debts accumulated by Sam. At the same time, Eddy, the fourth son has become the emotional support for Sophia, Johan?s girlfriend as he is away to college. Sam is in danger due to gangsters that are claiming a gambling debt and they shot Dr. Adam by accident. How will the five brothers react and support each other when faced with adversity? Or will selfish self interests unravel the family bond?

  • Singapore is a melting pot minsan mga foreign ang mga star ng kanilang mga series UTT from thailand at Linda Liao from taiwan.

    Singlish Drama

    Singaporean Chinese
  • Thailand


    Saichon is an islander living on Min island. One day, destiny leads him to find Fahlada, a 17 years old girl lying unconscious on the beach. When she wakes up, he realizes that she lost all her memories. Saichon takes care of her and names her Nang Fah (angel) because he doesn't know her real name and she doesn't remember it. They fall in love with each other and live together.

    One day, Chompooprae, Fahlada's adopted sister saw her sister's picture in the tourist magazine, so she sends people to take Fahlada back. Chompooprae needs Fahlada in order for her to succeed in her adopted family's business. Chompooprae hires Yasa and his men to bring Fahlada back even though she fights to stay with Saichon. Saichon gets shot and has to recover all by himself. Fahlada gets shock therapy treatment until she regains her memories, but she loses her memories about Saichon and everything during the time that she was missing on Min Island. Chompooprae lies to her sister and doesn't tell her anything about Min island.

    When Saichon awakens, he is devastated to learn that his Nang Fah is gone. He decides to go to Bangkok to look for her. Many years later, Saichon comes back from America to take care of the airline company in Thailand. He meets Chompooprae because she's the business partner he needs to work with. Chompooprae falls in love with him at first sight even though she is already engaged to P'Mor. So, she introduces him to her sister. Saichon is surprised and very glad when he meets Fahlada again. However, he is very hurt and angry because Fahlada doesn't remember him at all.

    Saichon is angry at Chompooprae because she's the person who separated Fahlada from him, tries to kill him and and ruins his family. He's also angry at Fahlada because he thinks that she intends to forget him.

  • Philippines

    Isla tells the story of two strangers, Brennan and Yani, who get stranded on an island after their ship gets wrecked. Romance blooms between them as they spend time alone on the island, but the two strangers are not without their respective baggage from the "real world." Brennan is married to his dedicated wife Megan, while Yani's childhood best friend Justin has untold feelings for the young woman. The romance that grows between Yani and Brennan will set off a series of twists and conflicts after the two gets back to their own lives in Manila.
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