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Unbelievable but true story of heartache (from skywonder)

It's my first time to share this story of mine. I know for some they will think it as UNBELIEVABLE and impossible to happen in real life. Wala lang talaga akong makausap sa ngayon tungkol dito but right now I'm in pain - SOBRANG pain. It's my first time to fall in love like this and I know deep in my heart that it's true love.

I'll start.

We were classmates during college. Since 1st year we're friends and we never fought. The closeness we had is incomparable. We shared secrets and we trusted each other. Until now, we're together. We work in same company and we live under the same roof. I have no feelings for him. We shared stories before sleeping. Then, he shared that everynight he dreamt of having an affair with someone. I thought that he was hust pre-occupied. Then, one night I woke up because my arm was being moved. Then I realized that my hand was on the top of his priv part. I thought that time that I would be of great help to him if I do something. So at first, I only touch his then when he didn't reacted on what I was doing I placed my hand inside. Then, you know what's next. Morning came and he didn't reacted on what happened last night so I thought it was really his wish or I was of great help to ease the tension. It was repeated and that time I was certain that he liked it.

One night, I woke up. I couldn't get my sleep so when I noticed that he woke up to pee I purposely pretended to be talking in sleep. I said that I love him, calling his name and etc. That routine continued, everynight I did that until I hugged him and that was the start of conflict between the two of us. I did that because I wanted to know what would be his reaction if I was in love with him but the truth is that was just a show. I was testing him if how much he knew me.

I said that it was the start of conflict because since that day he was so concious having me by his side in sleep. Many things had change. We didn't talk often until I told him the truth that it was just a show and I was not serious.I thought that would put an end to that but it went worst. I could feel how he felt about me. I knew what he was thinking about me. I can read minds of people I know. It was just painful for me that a friend thought that I was a homo. It lasted for about 10months until march this year we resolved the conflict.

Before that, I just like to share what happened december last year but I will give a little bit background about myself. I am able to feel if spirits are around me. I know that is a gift. Sometimes I can see unseen things. My friends say that I have a third eye. I have this feeling that somebody is always watching me. I know there's somebody protecting me because I can feel its presence. Until december last year, that "somebody" talked to me in my dream about things to happen. I was shocked at first and didn't believe it until that "somebody" talked to me again in my dream the next night. I belived in that "somebody" because I knew that that "somebody" is only protecting me. Vacation was over, I went back to work. February this year, that "somebody" revealed me what really I am. Believe it or not, that "somebody" told me that originally I was a girl and that "somebody" altered who I am in order to protect me. I didn't believe it at first until that "somebody" let me see the real me inside. Next, that "somebody" revealed who should be the person for me and that person is always beside me, that was he told me. I couldn't believe it for it. I didn't want to believe that time. That "somebody" told me everything, it was so detailed. I was convinced that he is my destined one. I didn't know what to do that time. I thought I would not fall for him until time came that I really did fall. I was so sad and the pain I felt inside consumed me. That "somebody" saw that I was really sad and in pain so what that "somebody" did was to erase my memory about telling me who am I and about my destiny. Yeah, it was good but I rarely talked to him because of the conflict I was referring to the first part of my story. I wanted him to be sorry for what he was thinking about me.

Then, one day a frank emailed me something about my secrets. All of that were true and I didn't know who was that. That frank that emailed me sent a BCC to him (referring to my friend in conflict with me because of homo issue). A minute later, I received another email from my friend telling me that I sent an email that was really inappropriate. I read the content of the email and I knew who sent it to him. That "somebody" sent it to him telling who I am and about my destiny. I was so shocked that time because my memory had been erased. I cried that time while at work. I talked to that "somebody" what was that all about and that "somebody" told me everything. My friend and I resolved the conflict. I knew that he would not believe that because it is impossible for that to happen that he is my destiny.

I and that "somebody" made a deal that if I fall in love again with my destiny, I will forget him entirely all my memories of him will be gone. I was too confident that I will not fall but days passed slowly I fell in love. I was loving him in secret and I made it sure that my feelings for him would not be discovered. I talked to him in his sleep telling him how much I love him.

Then, one night I saw them and my cousin kissing. It broke my heart into pieces. Until now, my heart is broken. I don't know what to do. I'm just waiting for us to part ways to fulfill my deal with that "somebody". But guys I don't want to lose him because I love him so much. What should I do? I want answers even though I know that you'll not believe me but trust me, I'm telling the truth. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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