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Just my thoughts...

I decided to make my own thread, dati kasi nakikisulat lang ako sa thread ng iba hehe:D

just writing my thoughts...:bashful:


  • i remembered the things i used to do
    how i stole a glance or two...
    how i trembled when you were near
    but deep inside i wanted you to be there....

    i remembered the feeling of a simple crush...
    who would have known that it would last...
    i remembered looking at your smile...
    from far away but it was worthwhile...

    i remembered writing your name..
    but would hurriedly stop each time you came...
    i remembered the day when our roads parted..
    but it was not what I had feared and expected...

    because now I am able to celebrate all those times given me
    those chances, the opportunity...
    for at least i was able to share..
    even just for a while, I had the chance to care...:bashful:
  • I once was able to hold your hand,
    and although at that time I did not understand..
    why it happened or why you and I met..
    It sure is one memory I hope to never forget...

    Time will pass us by and for sure..
    Things between us will never be the same anymore...
    The distance would eventually grow...
    the only thing left would be a memory of you...

    Though in my mind I know there can never be...
    between us there can never be a "we"...
    for We have our own destinies to take..
    but still you were worth a wish to make....

    I hope that life, in all its mysteries..
    will give you the answers that your heart truly needs...
    may you find what you've been searching for..
    and to the hurts, may there be a cure...*okay*

    I know Life can be harsh at times,
    With all the sorrows and the all those lies..
    but just like that day when I held you close to me,
    there's always a possibility of finding life's finer beauty...:bashful:
  • looking beyond the horizon
    my eyes straining to see
    the wonders of God's creation
    of how beautiful life can be

    the beauty of what life can give
    the blessings that we receive
    somehow has reminded me
    to appreciate life's beauty..

    the pain and the sorrow that we feel
    sometimes can make us ask if this is for real,
    if indeed life is worth living for,
    somehow we doubt, we're no longer sure...

    I ,myself, sometimes wonder why
    life can be pretty hard at times,
    when it's so hard to feel fine..
    I, too, wonder if all these are nothing but lies..

    but as I tried to focus a little harder
    looking beyond what's there
    beyond the horizon I saw
    the limitless opportunities to grow..

    oftentimes we fall and stumble
    sometimes we even have to crawl
    just look beyond your situation,
    try to look beyond the horizon...*okay*
  • jen_bugajen_buga PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    where are you getting these ideas, bus_rider? brilliant..keep writing, love!
  • you're not just a researcher, but also a good writer.. like it! *okay*
  • @Iv39 : hehe thank you :) :bashful:

    @ jen : sa tabi tabi hehe, kung sno mga nakikita, naoobserve and naeexperience ko hehehe :D
  • jen_bugajen_buga PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    go keep on writing..im your number 1 fan baby!
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