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Pag-aaral at Paghahanapbuhay ng Pag-aaruga o Nursing sa Australia, New Zealand, at Pasipiko



  • Thanks for the reply. I'm just scared of doing the process by my own because there's a lot of things I don't know. But the two links you have given me were both helpful. I just only need to study more the AHPRA then maybe I can do it on my own. Question again, you said that "AHPRA will determine if you are eligible for RN registration"- are there criterias needed to be met to be eligible?
  • it is normal to be scared because a single mistake can delay your application. I know one that did not answer one question in the application and it was returned to her.

    regarding the criteria, it is provided on the first link that I gave you. I think it's titled "Framework....International Nurses" or something.

    Download the application form, the one for Overseas Nurses under "Forms" tab and you'll find that the instructions are easy and self-explanatory.

    I applied for my AHPRA registration last August 2011 and I got my registration end of Feb. 2012. So if you still have some questions after reading the posts on the second link I gave you and on AHPRA website, just feel free to PM me.
  • DIY...migration agent will only milk money from you..

    just do your own research ..read..read.read....
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hi Dikonalam, are you currently in Australia now>? :D
  • markpaul wrote: »
    hi Dikonalam, are you currently in Australia now>? :D

    No, I'm still in the US. But I already got my AHPRA approval letter.
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Is it true that applications for APHRA are faster in Perth compared to Melbourne? Anyone has an idea?
  • For what I'm reading, WA (Perth) is relatively faster than most states. I'm guessing a 3-6 months wait. I applied in ACT (Canberra) and it took them 7 months. NSW (Sydney) and VIC (Melbourne), I think, receive the most applications so processing time may be affected.
  • Hi. I have already downloaded the form. It's the 9 pages right? I haven't read the whole AHPRa website, I might do *that this weekend. Hey, can I ask you from time to time as I go through the *application to the AHPRA? Like if there are questions not clear to me?
  • It's a 10-page AGOS-40 form for overseas nurses.

    Yeah, sure. I'll try to help as much as I can. But also try posting on that second link that I gave you. Members there can help you when it comes to bridging programs. AHPRA waived the bridging program requirements for me so I can't tell you anything about it (other than the very basics).
  • Wow. So when are you going there? Where in Australia? The forum was very helpful. I think there was this one forum-er who laid out step by step from the AHPRA registration down to the bridge program. So right now I'll accomplish the form first. Thank you very much. And by the way, your private messages has already maxed out I guess :)
  • When? I'm not really sure because I still have a contract here in the US. Hopefully within this year. Where? Uhm, I'm a country boy so I really want a small city (like 30minutes to 1 hour to the nearest big city). But I know when I get there I need a reliable public transport so I'm trying to apply to big city hospitals.

    Yeah, I noticed that. I already deleted some messages.
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    How to apply for a Certificate of Good Standing sa PRC?

    Diretso na ba sa PRC or may form pa?
  • @markpaul

    that I don't know. I did not take the local board so I didn't deal with PRC. Alam ko may form and it's on the website of AHPRA. But it's actually not applicable for overseas nurses. Because if you look at it, there are areas that we don't use in PRC, like division, specialty, etc. Same goes to my BON here. So I asked AHPRA about it, they told me to just ask my BON for a licensure verification that includes whatever information they can disclose (license type, expiry date, offences, etc.) So I guess you can ask PRC to send AHPRA the usual documents they send.
  • Thanks again! I'll private message you if I have another inquiry :)
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kailangan pa ba ang high school diploma sa Aphra?
  • hello dikonaalam, did you submit IELTS, did you ever take it or is it waived since you worked in the US?
  • abigs

    when I applied (July 2011), AHPRA was still accepting applications even without IELTS if the applicant can send evidence that their nursing program was done using English. But yes, I took IELTS just to get it over with. Because it's needed for immigration anyways. And I thought I was gonna do a bridging program. BP schools require IELTS.
  • thanks dude. i guess i really need to take IELTS first.
  • @dikonaalam

    I've heard the AHPRA takes about 4-6 months to assess me. My IELTS is already expired and it was only 6.5 anyway so I'll be taking it again sometime this April. You mentioned that AHPRA accepted your application by just proving them that your nursing education was done in English. What kind of evidence do I need to send? I am planning to send my AHPRA now and just to follow up my ielts
  • I've heard that AHPRA takes about 4-6 months at most to process me. I want to send my application form right away to save time. Problem is my IELTS is already expired so I'll be retaking it sometime this April or May. Can I send my AHPRA now and just to follow up my IELTS score?
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