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Fraud and Safety Issues; Online Usage & Card Security Code



  • mxherr5mxherr5 PEx Rookie ⭐

    That's ok sir.. I welcome debates hehehe
    It sure is, but the thing is, I don't think
    the convenience of a credit card is worth
    the risk of it being used fraudulently.

    Until we have a similar law like in the US
    where the cardholder is limited to $50 in case
    of fraudulent transactions or until Local cards
    offer Master Card's inControl. Citibank said they
    will offer that feature soon. I hope so... =D

    I must be around unlucky people sir. I know of 3
    people who are victims of credit card fraud. hehe

    Pero in fairness, they've experienced fraudulent transactions
    not just once. But I guess it might be their usage habits?

    Anyways, they were able to have the transactions reversed
    except one bank who did not give a sheeet. C*tybank hahaha

    Too bad their cashback card is really very interesting =(
  • Sorry for what happened, ganun pala yun... plano ko din sana kumuha ng credit card kaso iniisip ko baka mabaon ako sa utang... inuuna ko na lang muna savings ko hehehe...
  • SuperOnyxSuperOnyx PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Better to be a victim of credit card fraud (may chance pa na ma-dispute) than have your cold cash stolen (halos wala nang pag-asang ma-retrieve). ;)
  • yung credit card ko nag apply ako ng secured online shopping. kahit ba ganon nahahack pa din ba? kakatakot tuloy mag purchase sa online...
  • freelancer_babefreelancer_babe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nakakatakot! But I seem to be luckier using cards than carrying cash.

    I've always got my wallet stolen more twice here in my place (I live in Baguio). But in those instances my wallet somehow find its way back to me - debit cards and government IDs but not the money.

    I've lost P10,000 and P5,000 respectively.

    I fear the day when those thieves would come and even attempt to use any of my debit cards online and offline. Most of these debit cards that I have simply requires me to sign receipts, and one of them can be used to purchase things online.

    I like the idea of better law on the usage of the credit cards. Since there isn't a law yet, I think it's good for the part of the issuers to provide security measures - such as adjustable limit on the part of the user (just like Paypal billing), which can be done online anytime without calling the hotline. I think there are a few cards that feature this one (Metrobank's)?
  • i believe it's okay to be paranoid when it comes to using credit card online... i use my card to pay for my airfare tickets ( i got 7 up coming flights and nope not all of them are seat sales hehe), i also use my card to purchase voucher coupons in ensogo and other similar website... most of them have the option to pay via paypal... i don't usually trust their own payment processing service...

    never ever ever use your card to sign up on ***** sites. hehe :naughty:
  • freelancer_babefreelancer_babe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm also paranoid too, if I hand someone my debit card. What if the waiter or the gasoline boy runs away with my card? Or swipe the information contained inside the card (I've watched one of those TV programs how this modus operandi was done).

    All it takes is my signature - a good forger could copy mine. Very few establishments ask for my ID, and surprisingly it's not the likes of big establishments like SM who do that, but small grocery stores.

    The debit card is no different to that of the credit card except that my limit is the amount that I have loaded inside the card.

    True, we are still responsible in knowing whether to give out credit/debit card information to websites. Those sites simply need our names, card number and some personal information.

    Paypal is good and I also use it too often either to purchase things online or to collect payment and earnings. I've paid a VPS and a shared web host, some domains and an online backup/sync service using either Paypal or one of my debit cards.

    I have to trust online banking and doing purchases online. It's part of my job.
  • mxherr5mxherr5 PEx Rookie ⭐
    @onyx, I see it differently, better to loose my wallet containing
    at most 300. I have BDO and BPI which has ATMs all over the place
    anyway so I don't carry large amounts of cash as I can just
    withdraw money as needed.

    Whereas with credit cards, there's no limit to your liability.
    30k limit?? Well the thief was just able to charge double that
    Let's hope the credit card company finds in your favor otherwise... =p

    I also use debit cards like freelance but my cards require pins
    for debit transactions. Except one.. yes I'm looking at you BDO
    but its ok. I normally use it like a cash card. I leave 1k then
    once I use it up, I just deposit another 1k. And the debit
    by signature transaction is limited to 5k per day only.

    @freelancer, I'm curious...what would make you carry
    10k in your purse? Or maybe its because Baguio doesn't
    have that many ATMs and you have to plan your withdrawals?
  • freelancer_babefreelancer_babe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    There are plenty of banks and ATMs here, but I had to carry that P10k because one of my previous jobs which happened to be in the government was still paying by cash (they started sending salaries and bonuses through Landbank before I resigned).

    I recently lost P5k - I had to carry that amount - I go out every Wednesdays to pay bills and do other transactions that I couldn't do on a weekend.

    Because of that, I arranged with some banks to pay bills online. I could only enroll a few, because most billers up here don't accept online payments. I decided to apply a checking account, to pay those bills without carrying a lot of cash. Unfortunately, I still have to walk to each collection places of each biller to pay those bills, and all my bills have due dates scattered all over the month.

    Anyway, the weather up here is good for walking. At least I get to have a breath of fresh air each week!

    Now with that, like you I just have to withdraw money less money as needed from a bank.
  • I may be one of those paranoid people with regard to credit cards. I'm wary of promos that ask for personal details and your credit card number. I know that it's the 3-digit number on the back of the card that is important for (online) transactions, but does that mean it is already safe to divulge the front credit card numbers? Example: free Swatch watch if you sign up for a new credit card (requirement: proof that you have a credit card - # of your card).
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator

    If your worry is that your credit card info might be used for unauthorized charges, disclosing the (front) credit card number is not totally safe, but still safer than giving away the entire card. You already know about the CVV code on the back, so I won't talk about it. If they don't ask for the expiry date, don't give it. And read carefully before you sign anything. You might be signing a charge authorization already. ;)

    It really depends on who is handling the information. If they look like shysters and act like shysters, they probably are shysters..

    In the end, you'll have to trust, but verify. Give your info, but check your account statements for unauthorized charges. If they're going to steal from you, they will do it quickly.
  • mxherr5mxherr5 PEx Rookie ⭐

    awww that must have sucked.
    good thing we have ATMs and banks
    are usually clustered in an area so
    when I transfer money between banks
    it only takes me at most 30 minutes
    to go between 2 banks =D
  • freelancer_babefreelancer_babe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Good for you.

    Banks are also clustered here, and I'd probably be able to reach the next bank within 10 minutes, but there are also long lines at the teller.

    There are long lines at bill payment centers and offices too.
  • hi guys.

    just want to share that recently, i also am a victim of credit card fraud.

    metrobank called to inform me that there was a security alert on my card and asked me to confirm purchases over 30K somewhere in mindanao.

    i denied the charges. i was actually quite surprised that it happened and i was thinking if i would be a victim of credit card fraud, the charges would be from some websites since i use my card online. a lot.

    i'm thinking my card was cloned by someone from one of the places where i last used my card and they used it when they resigned and went back to mindanao.

    buti pa yung credit card account ko nakarating ng mindanao. ako hindi pa. lol. :)

    anyway, i'm drafting an email tonight and sending it to metrobank as instructed. they already blocked my card and are issuing me a new one with a new card number in the next 5-7 business days.

    though, i'm wondering what purchase set the fraud team off...

    yun lang. na share ko lang na credit card fraud isn't just on the internet. :)
  • freelancer_babefreelancer_babe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    that's good.

    which bank issued you that card?
  • I don't think the convenience of a credit card is worth
    the risk of it being used fraudulently.

    I am also in the same opinion as this.
    Aside from security reasons, the extra effort to manage the cards are not worth the benefits (i.e. rewards/discounts) for me.

    In terms of security, marami nagco-compare ng credit card sa cash.
    My take is, i agree cash can be more prone to security issues, but they are different as cash cannot replace credit card payment like online purchases.
    They in fact they should complement each other, along with checks, online banking payments, expressnets, etc.

    The good point of comparison to cc is the debit card.
    So far i found one (dito sa ibang bansa) that can do online purchase, visa payments, na debit card.

    Security wise, i only keep a small amount sa attached account.
    Proven ko na na di magtutuloy ang transactions (online or otherwise) kung di enough ang funds.

    If i plan to use it on big purchases, I do fund transfer to fund the debit card, which can be done using pc or cellphone, anywhere.
  • And like some here, i know a few victims too...
    One loss 90k pesos in one day.
    She paid for it.

    But majority of the victims i know are victims of their own doing, hehehe, if you get my drift.

    I myself used to say that i have the discipline, being a thrifty person myself.
    So when i got one, from positive savings of 20k a month, we went to 3 months zero savings. On the fourth, -10k savings, so i decided to cut it, hehehe.

    now i know why a lot of people around me who owns cc has a hard time saving money (a few does a good job though). statistics point towards our erred humanity, hehehe. it is upto us to accept where our level of discipline lies, or be consumed by our own pride...

    2 cents*

    *at 3% interest per month...
  • n7610n7610 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    BPI and Citibank offer a card protection feature against fraud related cases for a minimal fee.
  • that's good.

    which bank issued you that card?


    also, I got my replacement card today. less than 24 hours. pretty good service in my opinion. I didn't have to wait the expected 5-7 business days.
  • mxherr5mxherr5 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Wow that's good news.. You're not the first time I know who had
    fraudulent charges made on their metrobank card and the charges
    were immediately reversed. Looks like metrobank has strong security
    measures in place. Sana mgka cashback card sila hehe
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