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All about independent artists

I'll be posting info about some indie artists and sample songs from them.

check out www.theblueamp.com for more details about these indie artists

I hope you enjoy listening to their songs. :)


  • Glass O

    Our band name came from a Beatles song (Glass Onion) from their white album. On September 11, 2001, we decided to change our name from milkshake to Glass O. Why? It is a very long story. Please don't dare to ask. We play original songs written by Front man Eyndz Perez and Lead Guitarist Morris Kahanap. We are a now BLUE AMP artist.


    go to www.theblueamp.com for more!
  • Sidhi

    SIDHI is a concoction of four talented artists and their musical influences, brewed together in proper quantities.

    Their love for music and adoration of different genre take them together to a journey in search for their own sound. SIDHI is now a refreshing cocktail made from rock, reggae, funk and groove served on energy and soul.

    SIDHI wants to break into the music scene with their talent, inspirational lyrics and melodic sound. If not, at least dent the music industry and leave a lasting mark to be remembered for their hard work in song writing and perseverance - SIDHI will definitely break barriers in the unknown world of what has become of the music industry in the Philippines.

    song: [video]

    go to www.theblueamp.com for more!
  • Cerumentric

    CERUMENTRIC is a one-man synthrock band, specifically Erick A. Fabian Sr. tinkering with synthesizers, rock beats, computers, samplers, melodicas, recorders, circuit-bent toys, and ecstatic otherworldly swirls, to create epic pop songs that can make you dance and think at the same time.

    CERUMENTRIC is a two-time Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) nominee for Best Electro/Dance Act, alongside big acts from other Asian countries such as Funky Gong (Japan), Analog Girl (Singapore), and Bottlesmoker (Indonesia).


    go to www.theblueamp.com for more!
  • Primalize

    Primalize spent his childhood life closely bonded with music, such as playing the violin and studying classical music. In 2003, Primalize started to compose and program his own music. Centered on a strong influence of Trance music, his compositions also incorporate progressive/electro style. On top of all his music production, Primalize also performs as "DJ MIZO," and has established a solid reputation as a regular house DJ in monthly events at "Club About" in Nagoya. His multi-angle approach to DJing, together with his original music, creates an explosion that pumps up the dance floor each time he performs. Recently, Primalize has begun performing overseas regularly, and his performances continue to expand globally.


    go to www.theblueamp.com for more!
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