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Belgium Visa

Hope someone can help me through my doubts regarding Belgium Visa. My partner wanted me to stay with him in Belgium we've been on a relationship 2 years and 5 months. I have all the proof to prove. He visited me here in PH last Feb 27 to March 12, we traveled around PH.(with photos and hotel receipts). And he visited me again September 27 to October 29 2010. We traveled again around PH and he met my family(with photos).
Do you think guys, we are now qualified for cohabitation? The last time, I applied I got denied for a visit a friend visum. It's my fault since I did not submitted my Certificate of Employment then. But this time if I am going to apply visit a friend I can provide Certificate of employment. If I am already in belgium can I apply a cohabitation visa even though I am a visit visa holder?
And my partner is retired, he only had certificate in the bank and he don't have payslip on his pension. Does he qualified to get me there even though he is not rich?
Hope anyone can share some ideas.
God Bless


  • Then the next time you'll apply for it you should submitted all the requirements they've said.
    good luck ^^

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  • Yes, you are already more than 40 days together and in a relationship of more than 18 mos so you are qualified. Just bring all the requirements/documents that they are asking... Also, it doesn't matter if he's a pensioner.

    Good luck!
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