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Evangelion, Escaflowne or Argento Soma

Guys, what anime do you think is better among the three?


  • benj20_phbenj20_ph Kapamilya For Life! PExer
    evangelion for me...
  • reilanreilan deadman PExer
    eva fan here, no need to ask!!! :)
  • HeRRiCk724HeRRiCk724 11th grader PExer
    escaflowne for me
  • BravoexoBravoexo Member PExer
    Escaflowne first, then Evangelion... Argento Soma is just sad. I'd recommend Gasaraki instead, and put it up ahead of Eva...
  • cute_angel42cute_angel42 your guardian angel... PExer
    Evangelion na....
  • deepSubmergedeepSubmerge Registered User PExer
    evangelion. i'm gradually losing my interest in evangelion. :( don't know why. do you know that there is a live action evangelion? i've seen the concept art and i HATE it. asuka and rei look like women in their 30's!
  • ayamanikaayamanika happy go lucky PExer
    for me its escaflowne. i really like the concept of having a girl who has the power of premonition using tarot cards. The visuals in eva is better than escaflowne but i really like escaflowne more.
  • asuka_langleyasuka_langley Animax-er PExer

    obvious ba? ^_~
  • I wasn't too impressed with Eva. Shinji was too whiny and the show tried too hard to appear smart by including nonsensical religious symbolism. Most Eva fans I know feel cool and intellectual just because they watch the show.

    I've only seen 4 episodes of Argento Soma but so far, it looks great. Anyone seen RahXephon?
  • cyberchumcyberchum frozenpexter PExer
    evangelion!! even though the characters of eva is not perfect n a sense, madami silang flaws nd inner conflict mga gnung bagay baga...kya ko sya like kc may sense of truth dun basta un d ko maxplain =) basta eva ako eheh
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    escaflowne. i loved it from the first episode i watched of it till the end and the movie. evangelion second. sorry but i don't have any idea what argento soma is XD
  • elijah8380elijah8380 Prophet of Fire PExer
    Originally posted by chaosbringer300
    Anyone seen RahXephon?

    I have... I was a good idea: the whole "The World You See Is Not The Real World" thing (or at least it's partly that), kaya lang hindi na ako masyadong na-elibs du'n in light of The Matrix (I only saw 'Xephon recently). LOTS of parallels with Eva. Didn't caree too much about the ending, tho'.

  • 18th_Angel18th_Angel The Wanderer PExer
    Argento Soma. Really not out of the ordinary kinda anime. Different sya, and really mind boggling.. (pero on some parts may pagka-eva sya because of Adam)..
  • reilanreilan deadman PExer
    ei, i saw a pic ng eva, and that girl... cnu po cia? girlfriend of steel?
  • smeagolsmeagol bows to yang chow PExer
    kala ko Paranoia Agent. yun sana.

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