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BA 99.1 Enlistment Question.

Hi po! :) Transferee po ako galing UPLB nagtransfer po ako sa UPD... Di ko kasi alam gagawin kasi Im a business econ sophomore na and I want to take BA 99.1 as an elective para magserve rin as prerequisite sa ibang BA Electives ko but nakalagay sa CRS na for CBA students lang ito so hindi ako puwede dun. Ano po ba ang ibang means na makuha iyon kasi I need it badly? ( I researched na sa ibang blogs pero naguluhan ako)

*Ang ginawa ko nagpre-enlist pa rin ako sa BA 99.1 kahit for BS BAA
lang. Ok lang po kaya yun?

Salamat po !:):):)


  • joe909joe909 PEx Rookie ⭐
    the curriculum for BE has been restructured. BSBE students no longer take BA 99.1/2. The only accounting subject you will need is Acctng 1 (now offered in SE) as well as management electives from CBA.

    refer to this: http://www.econ.upd.edu.ph/se101/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Economics-Curricula-by-Class-Type.pdf
  • Kuya pero kahit ni reconstruct na yung curriculum may mga electives that are under CBA which require BA 99.1/.2 as their pre-requisites.:)
  • joe909joe909 PEx Rookie ⭐
    hmm, according to the program, your 3 BE electives can only be chosen from the ff.

    BA 170 (prereq BA101 only)
    BA 151 (junior standing)
    BA 142 (prereq 114/115 -> prereqs 99.1/2 or acctng1)
    BA 105 (prereq Econ 131)
    BA 190

    the rest of the BE electives are IE/math/stat subjects
    most of the allowed BA electives don't need 99.1/2 or accounting 1 will suffice. i guess you can use your free electives to get 99.1/2 but i don't think they'll allow you. you might need a COI (consent of instructor)

    i'm not sure about this but i think SE's planning to offer their own BA subjects, instead of sending their students to get from CBA. there's a long story behind this (buried somewhere in the UP thread) anyway, IMO, SE is trying to discourage their students from getting BA subjects, and instead try out IE/math/stat subjects.

    that being said, the best thing to do is go to the college secretary's office and ask.
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