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♥ Lauren Young ♥ Mula Sa Puso's Olivia 'Via' Pereira ~ Laurenaticz 2~


Lauren Young is a Filipina Actress who is best known for her role as "Nelle",the youngest and only sister of Gens (Rayver Cruz) and Lieu (Aldred Gatchalian) and the love interest of Josh (AJ Perez), in the popular teen oriented show "Abt Ur Luv". She's the youngest member of Star Magic Batch 13, as she joined the management at age 13 in 2006. She's also the youngest sister of former Star Struck alumna and current Star Magic talent, Megan Young.

She is currently playing the lead role Olivia 'Via' Pereira in the remake Mula Sa Puso.


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November 27, 2010 - May 1, 2011


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    Juanita Banana (TV Hapontastic Series)-- Sunny Rose
    Patayin sa Shokot si Remington (Indie Film - Under Production)



    Sa 'Yo Lamang (2010) -- Lorraine
    One More Chance (2007) -- Bernice

    Primetime Series:

    Tanging Yaman (2010) -- Cindy
    Dahil My Isang Ikaw (2009) -- Rachel
    Lobo (2008) -- Zoe Cristobal

    Teen-Oriented Weekend Series:

    Underage (2009) -- Corazon
    YS: Imposible (2008) -- Paige
    Astigs: Luvin' Lyf (2008) -- Sandy
    Astigs: Haay...Skul Lyf (2008) -- Josie
    Abt Ur Luv, Ur Lyf 2 (2007-2008) -- Nelle Brondial
    Abt Ur Luv (2006-2007) -- Nelle Brondial

    Maalaala Mo Kaya:

    Episode 85 (2010) -- Young Zoraida
    Xylophone (2010) -- Eleng
    Tsinelas (2009) -- Raselle
    Car (2009) -- Joan
    Gayuma (2009) -- Hermie
    Board Game (2009) -- Marites
    Telebisyon (2007) -- Young Elsa

    Your Song Presents:

    Even If (2007) -- Lucy
    Kasalanan Ko Ba (2007) -- Maya
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  • tumblr_ljrnlxnS5y1qath42o1_500.jpg

    Its 6 in the morning and I’m still wide awake. Memories of AJ are passing through my mind. I’ve never lost anyone in my life, up until now. I met AJ when I was 11 years old. We we’re both at ABS-CBN auditioning for Star Magic. He was wearing a green jacket and was just sitting in a corner with a smile on his face. AJ was my first ever love team for my whole showbiz career. I remember our kilig scenes from Abt Ur Luv. Our fans called us “Ajren”. I remember whenever we had mallshows we would sit beside each other during those long trips and just talk. We would listen to music and just sing the whole time. The first song he would ALWAYS play would be Sugar we’re going down by Fall Out Boy. It was our favorite band. We even watched the concert together with Dino, Chris, Megan and Alex. My friend Alex caught the guitar pick that night and I remember grabbing it from her hand and shoving it in AJ’s face and then I dropped it on the floor. For 15 minutes we we’re on the floor of Araneta trying to find that stupid little thing. We even went to Singapore for taping one time, and for the whole trip he was my buddy. He would carry around my bag if I promised to buy him ice-cream. Which I never did.. Hahaha. He even helped me pick out my first ever Nike shoes. *** nauuso pa lang *** dunks. Then during the night we would all get together with the rest of the cast and drink hot chocolate and play games. For our last night in Singapore we all slept in one room we ended up staying up all night just dancing and talking. Back in the Philippines pag maaga natatapos taping namin we would all just hang out. Go to Greenhills or Eastwood and just watch movies. I remember he even celebrated his 15th or 16th birthday with us at Eastwood right after taping. We all got our ears pierced, except him and just played games the whole night at Power Station.

    AJ is my brother, my friend, my loveteam. I grew up with this kid. I told him my secrets and he told me his. My whole family thought he was the sweetest ever, and he still is.

    Everything is a total shock to all of us. I still can’t believe what happened, and I don’t want to believe it. For me AJ still lives on. He will forever be in my heart. I love you AJ and may your soul rest in peace.

    FROM: http://loyoung.tumblr.com/
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  • JM, madalas kilitiin si Lauren
    by: Alfie Lorenzo

    Hindi lang daw sa TV lumalalim ang samahan ng mga karakter nina Gabriel at Via sa Mula sa Puso dahil maging ang mga gumaganap dito na sina JM de Guzman at Lauren Young ay nagiging malapit na rin sa isa’t isa.

    Ayon sa mga nakakakita sa kanila off cam, panay biruan daw ang dalawa sa set lalo na kapag kinikiliti ni JM ang batok ni Lauren. Madalas din daw nauupo si JM sa tabi ni Lauren sa tuwing sila ay naka-standby lang sa tent.

    Hindi naman itinanggi ni JM ang mga ito ngunit nilinaw niya na ginagawa niya ito para mas maging close pa kay Lauren na kanyang ka-loveteam sa programa.

    “Siyempre kailangan makapag-establish kami ng bond off-screen para pagharap namin sa kamera ay kumportable kami sa isa’t isa at mas magagawa namin ng maayos ang mga eksena lalo na yung nakakakilig na scenes,” paliwanag ni JM.

    Unang pagkakataon nina JM at Lauren na magsama at magkatrabaho, pero hindi naman sila nahirapang ayusin ang kanilang chemistry sa harap at likod ng camera kaya naman tumatagos sa screen ang kilig na dala ng mga karakter nilang sina Gabriel at Via.

    “JM is very easy to get along with din naman kaya mabilis talaga kaming na*ging close. ‘Yung biruan namin kasi comes naturally na kasi kumportable na kami na magkasama,” sabi ni Lauren.

    Tiyak mas kikiligin ang kanilang mga fans ngayong linggo sa lalo pang pagkakalapit ng mga puso nina Gabriel at Via. Ibinabalik na nga ni Via ang pinapakitang pagmamahal ni Gabriel pero gaano katagal nilang ipapakita ito sa isa’t isa lalo pa’t hadlang ang ama ni Via na si Fernando sa kanila?

    Noong nakaraang Holy Week ay nagkaroon ng espesyal na Mula sa Puso marathon na talaga namang ikinatuwa ng mga tagasubaybay nito.

    Sundan ang official Twitter account ng programa sa http://twitter.com/mulasapuso2011 at ang official Facebook page sa http://facebook.com/OfficialMSP2011.
  • read this:

    JM de Gusman and Lauren Young get closer on and off-cam in mula sa puso

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  • JM, Lauren closer than ever

    By Glaiza Jarloc
    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    KAPAMILYA actor JM De Guzman and his leading lady Lauren Young are getting to know more each other on the set of "Mula Sa Puso."

    News has it that the two are spending more time off camera and would even fool around the set, teasing and tickling each other.

    JM would reportedly put his chair right beside Lauren's whenever they are within the standby area inside the tent.

    This particular news was not denied by the actor, but clarified the real reason behind it.

    "We really need to establish a bond off-screen so that the moment we are in front of the cameras, we will already be comfortable with each other and do better with our scenes specially the kilig ones," he said.

    This is the first time the two worked with each other and Lauren admitted that she didn’t really have a hard time working on their chemistry.

    "JM is very easy to get along with so we became close really fast. I can say we are now really comfortable being around one another."

    Fans will definitely fall in love even more this week as Gabriel and Via's relationship gets deeper. Via is starting to reciprocate Gabriel's affection but how long can they keep up especially now that her father Fernando is against them?

    Donít miss "Mula sa Puso", Mondays to Fridays, before "TV Patrol" on ABS-CBN. (Sunnex)
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