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Best review center for the UPCAT



  • Magreview center kayo para may allowance kayo pag summer. Joke.
  • sabi ng friend ko madali lang naman daw ang UPCAT time pressure nga lang daw...
  • edilyn wrote: »
    100% ? as in lahat po talga ? woow . Parang gusto ko na pong pa-enroll dun

    seriously? that's impossible to be honest. if by 100% who reviewed there you meant: the 2 or 4 people who did, then all good. sure, that's 100% of "the people who went there to review".

    it misleads people to think ~the whole school passed the UPCAT.

    anyway, i vote AHEAD. most of their teachers are from UP Diliman, + they've been around for ages. i took their review years ago, and unlike other review centers, they actually give you a test similar to the actual exam. it's like reviewing and training for the pressure at the same time. covers the same sections and time limit for each part. and i got to study with/meet cool people because i went to the katipunan branch. MCHS girls :love:

    i'm from UP by the way. :)
  • ^ agreed

    except for the part about hot girls because i'm a girl :rotflmao:
  • I'd recommend Newton Study Center. That's where I went for my UPCAT Review class. The thing about Newton is that:

    (1) The instructors teach well enough that the students understand the lesson (even though it's fast-paced like all review centers), and also the instructors are usually fresh graduates from PSHS and other science high schools, so they have recently taken the UPCAT and can share their insights and first-hand experiences about it; because experience is really the best teacher :lol:

    (2) The passing rate is quite high, I guess. I'm not sure about this one, but I think it is. Anyway, all of my classmates (there are about 20 of us) who went to Newton passed the UPCAT. And Newton regularly produces Intarmed and Oblation scholars, too.

    (3) The review materials are OK. The set includes the Newton review booklets (with UPCAT, ACET and DLSUCET simulation exams and answers), modules for every subject, diagnostic exam, midterm exam, final exam, and a refresher exam that is set 1 week before the UPCAT.

    (4) At the end of the review session, alumni from Newton who are currently studying in UP come to talk about college life and additional tips on passing the UPCAT.

    (5) It's usually a small class (not sure for other branches because I took my review in Pangasinan), so teacher-to-student ratio is okay.
  • Kung nasa province kayo, check ninyo kung yung provincial org eh nag oofer ng review sessions sa summer. I was able to attend one from the UP Palawenyos. Not as rigorous as the formal review sessions, but at least you will get familiar with the UPCAT.

    Dunno if buhay pa ang UP Pahinunggod, they give UPCAT review materials for free, tapos yun ang ginagamit ng mga provincial orgs kasi kung yung material from AHEAD or other review centers mahal.
  • Isa Lang Ang Sagot Jan : Brain Train.
  • ScareYouOftenScareYouOften Moderator PEx Moderator
    Brain Train talaga, malulula ka sa dami ng pumapasa na galing dyan... Sinilip ko website , andun pa din ang name ko..:lol::lol::lol:
  • Hihi.
    Hindi yan nadadaan sa review center.
    Self study ang preparation for UPCAT plus H.S. endeavors.
    Yun lang masasabi ko.
    2.021 ang GWA ko even though hindi ako ang top ng batch namin.
    Swertihan rin lang naman siguro minsan. :)
  • The best review center is your self determination. kung gusto mo makapass sa UP may paraan, at MARAMING PARAAN DYAN!.. aral lang btw mag aahead katipunan ako sa june 2 sasabihin ko sayo kung maganda.. ** lang or kaya sa tuesday.. kase sa tuesday an start ko e.. nag orientation kami magaling magsalita *** teacher, from admu sya.. well makakapasa tayo isipin *** natin fighting spirits. plss to God be the glory
  • Magkano po ba ang fee sa newton study center? Mas mura b dun kaysa sa AHEAD?
  • Magkano po ba ang fee sa newton study center?
  • curiousercuriouser PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    As many people have pointed out from earlier in this thread, the best review center for the UPCAT (and other CET's for that matter), is none other than your own high school. Don't wait until the last minute to get the most of your high school's resources.

    Note that your 3rd year high school grades have a bearing in your UPG, so you may also need to make sure that that particular area is covered. In other words, be a consistent performer during high school, academics-wise. Maybe you can slack off come 4th year since that doesn't account for much, except for when your name is called during graduation. :lol:

    However, if you must resort to "drastic measures" owing to a whole plethora of possible reasons, I would also suggest that you go and seek out reviewers instead. I think they're cheaper than enrolling in a review center, and you can always seek out your teachers in high school for help. At the very least, these give you some sample problems to get your mind going. I don't know if an actual review center helps because I didn't go to one, but they seem to be pretty lucrative businesses. So, if you want to add more money to their coffers, it's your call.
  • Jarod0416Jarod0416 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Personally I don't think it's worth it to enroll in a review center for the UPCAT. Assuming that enrolling in one boosts your chance to get accepted, you still have to keep in mind that getting into UP is a different story from staying in UP, especially for courses na may retention requirements.

    You have to prepare and be ready for the real Buhay Peyups, and not just the UPCAT.

    I did buy a copy of CORECT, though [it's a college entrance exam reviewer, nalimutan ko yung ibig sabihin]. Hehehe.
  • nakatulong naman ang UPCAT review in terms of building up confidence and time management. Prepared ka rin sa type of questions na lalabas. Mas mahirap pa nga yung mga tanong sa review center sa mismong UPCAT :D Kaya kung may pera ka na rin naman and you don't mind spending some money to make you more comfortable in taking the exam, why not? Karamihan naman na ng mga taga-UP ngayon mayayaman. Afford na nila mag review center.

    In terms naman sa knowledge, at then end, mas malaking puhunan pa rin ang mga inaral mo sa high school kesa sa review centers.
  • arvin01 wrote: »
    well u have to decide, would u prefer wealth or honor?

    Instead of choosing a course like European languages, history, anthropology etc in UP, u are better off with courses that are in demand and will provide you a better and satisfying career such as NURSING in other school. *okay*

    It would be better to choose wealth over honor. If you want to have a very large salary amounting to around Php 300,000.00 a month and easily work in the USA, Canada or abroad, then choose in demand courses like NURSING, IT (specializing in JAVA, ORACLE, SAP etc) in other schools instead of wasting your time with those non-sense courses in UP and end up with a job you never wanted. :(

    However, if u are really an academic type of person who prefer honor over wealth then go get that non-sense course in UP and regret your life studying there cause that course you took will never give you a bright future. :eek: :mecry: :depressed:

    Is everyone getting my point here?

    Just my two cents. Peace to all! ;)

    Puro wealth lang ba? I dont think u can tell ppl to choose something theyre not happy with. Mas magreregret ka kung kinuha mong course eh hindi mo gustong gawin at napilitan ka lang dahil kikita ka. Mas masarap mabuhay sa trabahong gusto mo ;)

    Tip: sabi samin nung teacher namin (LSC) medyo depende sa course na kukuhanin mo para makapasa ng UPCAT. mas maganda kuha ka muna ng non-quota course sa UPCAT, tas magshift ka nalang. Kasi pag kumuha ka ng major course agad, mahirap talaga ipasa test nun ;)
  • curiousercuriouser PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The best review center for the UPCAT is your own high school. This is based on my own experience, and the stories of my friends. Why? Because if you were serious about academics from the start, you wouldn't need to invest in any additional reviewers, review schools, etc. to just catch up. The tuition your parents/relatives pay for basic education would be for nothing if you have to do so much just to pass CET's.

    That said, maybe it's too late for some of you. But it's certainly not too late for future generations - your kids, or younger siblings and relatives.

    And to the PExer espousing wealth over honor, I really hope he is living the life that he dreamed it would be. Chances are, it isn't. Because the choices he wants you to make are based on a very limiting life plan. Choose a course not based on monetary benefit, but on how it relates to your own personal life plans. If you have to force yourself to wake up for the next 30 to 40 years doing something that you would rather not do, just to earn a living, I don't think that's a very fulfilling life at all. The most successful people say this repeatedly. But very few are willing to take the risk.

    Besides, it's a shifting world view these days. Those he identified as dead end courses actually allow you to live more than comfortably in today's world, and still have quality of life. I dunno if the same can be said of his. :)
  • ironclaw79ironclaw79 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sa tingin ko, hindi kailangan mag review center. Nagreview center ako noong time ko, pero hindi siya nakatulong. Kung ano lang talaga ang alam ko since high school eh yun lang din yung nasagot ko sa upcat. Pumasa naman ako :)
  • reshiramreshiram PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ironclaw79 wrote: »
    Sa tingin ko, hindi kailangan mag review center. Nagreview center ako noong time ko, pero hindi siya nakatulong. Kung ano lang talaga ang alam ko since high school eh yun lang din yung nasagot ko sa upcat. Pumasa naman ako :)

    grabe ka naman ironclaw. porke't BAA ka. haha wala kang utang na loob sa Brain Train. :lol: haha. Ako, I'm sure na makakapasa rin ako sa UPCAT kahit di ako nagreview pero sobrang nakatulong sa'kin ang BT lalo na sa Language Proficiency and Science. Basta ako, sobrang thankful ako sa BT at nag-enjoy ako last summer and nakatulong sila masyado sa pagpasa ko sa 1st choices ko sa lahat ng CETs na tinake ko. :)
  • carlhirocarlhiro PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    reshiram wrote: »
    Ako, I'm sure na makakapasa rin ako sa UPCAT kahit di ako nagreview pero sobrang nakatulong sa'kin ang BT lalo na sa Language Proficiency and Science.


    Di ako nagreview center, pero inavail ko yung review sessions ng school ko. Nakapasa naman ako ng UPCAT (at ACET, DLSUCET at USTET :) )
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