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Which among these review centers is the best?

deepsychedeepsyche PEx Rookie ⭐
Hi guys :) For the past 2 days, I've been researching for different review centers and among all the good reliable ones I've found, I selected three most fitting ones for me.


High Achievers
6,500 pesos


Positive- What I really like about this is how it only has 15 students per batch and how it has such a friendly atmosphere. Because of that, the teaching is kind of personalized, the classroom setting isn't at all tense, and that it seems like you'll get to know almost everybody in the batch. In short, it's within my comfort zone. Plus, not only does it have this e-learning thing, it's also the official review center of San Beda. ;)

Negative- I feel like there are far better (and much cheaper) review centers than this when it comes to the quality of lectures/tests/etc. You can say that the only reason why I really liked it is because of the whole being friendly thing. Just so you guys know, I'm the shy type. :bashful:

Academic Gateway
5, 200 pesos


Positive- Based from their features that I've read, I feel like that with such a low price, I can already get the same high quality that other "better" more expensive reviews centers offer. :D

Negative- I don't trust it that much yet, though, since I've only heard like two testimonials about it which came from my friends.

Brain Train
around 6100 pesos


Positive- I've heard so many testimonials about it and all of them are positive (with even a couple few saying that almost all the people they personally knew that reviewed there have passed UPCAT/ACET). Not only that, when I went to check their list of annual passers, I was shocked to see many people who got to score scholarships. I've also read several accounts of people who had dared study there (especially in their Los Ba?os branch) despite the distance. The list goes on... In short, this is the review center that conforms with almost all the standards of a perfect review center. :love:

Negative- The only problem is that it isn't that friendly like High Achievers.


So guys, care to throw in some of your opinions so that I can finally decide on one?

Just tell me which one of the three you think is best.

NOTE: Please don't refer me to other review centers. With proper research, I've already made up my mind to just choose among the three. Thanks.


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