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UEFA Europa League

CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
hey some big clubs are here too, and the competition where CL failures get a chance to redeem themselves

First Round: February 17 and 24
Second Round: March 10 and 17

Europa League draw - First Round
Napoli v Villarreal
Rangers v Sporting Lisbon
Sparta Prague v Liverpool
Anderlecht v Ajax
Lech Poznan v SC Braga
Besiktas v Dynamo Kiev
FC Basel v Spartak Moscow
Young Boys v Zenit St Petersburg
Aris Thessaloniki v Manchester City
PAOK v CSKA Moscow
Sevilla v FC Porto
Rubin Kazan v FC Twente
Lille v PSV Eindhoven
Benfica v VfB Stuttgart
BATE Borisov v PSG
Metalist Kharkiv v Bayer Leverkusen

Europa League draw - Second Round
Benfica/VfB Stuttgart v BATE Borisov/PSG
Besiktas/Dynamo Kiev v Aris Thessaloniki/Manchester City
Rubin Kazan/FC Twente v Young Boys/Zenit St Petersburg
PAOK/CSKA Moscow v Sevilla/FC Porto
Lille/PSV Eindhoven v Rangers/Sporting Lisbon
Metalist Kharkiv/Bayer Leverkusen v Napoli/Villarreal
Anderlecht/Ajax v FC Basel/Spartak Moscow
Sparta Prague/Liverpool v Lech Poznan/SC Braga


  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    I'm sticking out my neck here and predict that either Napoli, City or Porto will win this.
  • tsong_gotsong_go WELL.... PExer
    I had high expectations for Juventus. They better do well for the Scudetto chase. Tsk.
  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
    I'm sticking out my neck here and predict that either Napoli, City or Porto will win this.

    how bout Liverpool? :lol:
    tsong_go wrote: »
    I had high expectations for Juventus. They better do well for the Scudetto chase. Tsk.

    Juve crashed and burned in the group stage, 6 draws 'eh :lol:

    Atletico too, too bad no Fulham too :lol:

    competition is wide open, lots of teams evenly matched
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    To be honest, without any bias whatsoever, I highly doubt Pool will win it. They'll get torn between prioritizing making the top 4 again and a cup run. They have a good 11 but the overall squad isn't strong enough to mount the challenge and absorb the rigors. City on paper is the favorites of course, but I'm putting Napoli and Porto as the dark horses. Specially the latter who has a great young coach in Andres Villas Boas (IMO, potentially is tactically better than Mou, he has the balls to go all guns a blazin' and has the tactical nous to do so very efficiently) and a very talented squad overall.
  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
    I know its still early and the Premier League is wide open as ever, obviously I'm not a Pool supporter but I think they should focus on this comp, might be their ticket to Europe next season, with the way things are going, a top 7 finish isn't even guaranteed in the league

    Porto-Sevilla might be the tie of the round, but at least one Portugese team should make the semis here
  • crocopiecrocopie Luis Suarez No. 7 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent

    You'll Neh-ver Wallllk Ahhhhhhhh---loooooneeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Europa League Last 16

    Benfica - PSG
    Dynamo Kyiv - Man City
    Twente - Zenit
    CSKA Moscow - Porto
    PSV - Rangers
    Leverkusen - Villareal
    Ajax - Spartak
    Braga -Liverpool

    1st legs will be on March 10 and 2nd legs on March 17.

    last 32 lopsided results: (aggregate)
    Ajax 5-0 Anderlecht
    Dynamo Kyiv 8-1 Besiktas
    Bayer Leverkusen 6-0 Metalist Kharkiv
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    1st leg results:

    Benfica 2-1 PSG
    Dynamo Kyiv 2-0 Man City
    Twente 3-0 Zenit
    CSKA Moscow 0-1 Porto
    PSV 0-0 Rangers
    Leverkusen 2-3 Villareal
    Ajax 0-1 Spartak
    Braga 1-0 Liverpool
  • nussnuss GAU PR PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Man City and Liverpool, I am disappoint...
  • vamp_insidevamp_inside Wicked Witch PExer
    I like me some Villareal. I really wish they win Europa.
  • epoymananahoepoymananaho Taho Tyrant PEx Rookie ⭐
    Viva Atleti!!!! the only club in Madrid! real what?
  • KizunaMithKizunaMith Elegiac PExer

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo. :(
  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator

    Final: 9 May 2012, Stadionul Național, Bucharest, Romania

    lots of interesting clubs here, I want an English club to win, Spurs are my bet, things will get interesting in the KO stages when the 3rd place clubs in the Champions League group stage join the competition

    who's your bet?
  • epoymananahoepoymananaho Taho Tyrant PEx Rookie ⭐
    Sino pa ba? Aupa Atleti!!! We just made Udinese our *****! 4-0 baby!!!
  • DaNutzkiDaNutzki Life's A Treat! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Better wait for the 8 3rd place teams in the UEFA Champions League for the Europa League knockout stage. If Manchester City ends at 3rd place in the Champions League Group Stage, they would be the big favorites to win the Europa League. Just my thoughts.
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    Nawawala kasi prestige ng competition na to kasi yung 3rd place sa CL group stages sinasali dito. Sana ibalik yung cup winners cup, buti pa yun exciting at may prestige na kasama.
  • TheYoungbloodTheYoungblood My pic is self-explanatory. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Well, I think Braga is still a contender kahit na they lost to Porto last year. I see Anderlecht, Spurs, Twente and Atletico Madrid to be the clubs to beat as well. Fulham making a great comeback in Europe so far. Who knows? Baka balik Final ulit sila. :) Sana may mag-cover din ng Europa League dito, dapat both Champions League at Europa League. :)
  • DaNutzkiDaNutzki Life's A Treat! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Now in to the Europa League Knockout Stages:

    8 3rd Placers in the Champions League Group Stage:

    Manchester City
    Manchester United
    Porto (Titleholder)
    Viktoria Plzen
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Manchester teams can continue their rivalry here. Its like the Carling Cup if you think of the FA Cup is the European Cup for English teams...

    Instead of Tuesday and Wednesday fixtures, Thursdays against some teams they havent played before...
  • jmdarcegajmdarcega Member PExer
    ^^ This year is going to be one of the best years for the Europa league. LOL. Usual Champions League contenders flocking into it!

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