Your Anime Frustrations (Things/events that should be/happen)

jmigsjmigs lonewolf ✭✭
Name some stuff that you want to see in Anime:
Arahan - Korean Movie...catchy yung design nya eh...
Rival School
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI to present should have a anime series
All Square games
Battle Royale anime series
Suicide Club anime series
Some cosplayers...

Things/events that should happen:
Chobits - they should include we're Chii has a puppy (nasa manga daw 'to)..longer!
Ghost Fighter - dapat may 2nd series, perhaps eugene's son
DragonBall - kill goku totally
EVA - Shinji should screw them all :rofl:
Rayearth - la ako maisip
Happy Lesson - screw them all ...stupid guy :rofl:
Spiral - should be longer
Getbackers -longer
Naruto - getting too long...dbz wannabe
Azumanga Daioh - Dapat mag-repeat ng final year sila osaka and tomo or reunion
Sister Princess - oh another one...screw all her "sisters" ...dumb boy... :rofl:
Saber Marionette -screw them pero di tlga pwede wehehe
Ultra Maniac - longer...I wish Ayu was real...may kahawig siya...
DN Angel - longer...
Wolf's rain - their weak...all of them died
Live Action of Azumanga Daioh or a local spin off featuring Sandara Park as Osaka-chan :lol:


  • highwindhighwind Member PExer
    gto - should be longer, i wouldnt care if it became as long or perhaps even longer than dragon ball

    naruto - cut back on the flashbacks

    slam dunk - animate the inter high arc
  • gakutokamuigakutokamui biased gooner PExer
    giant robo - animate the final battle with big fire
    arslan senki - finish the goddamn series!
    gundam - STOP making new ones!
    slam dunk - animate inter high tourney
    please save my earth - should've been longer
    el hazard - sequels shouldn't have been made
    lum - finish the damn series on animax
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    flame of recca - animate the arc after the urabutosatsujin arc (can't remember what it's called) so that i can have more kurei and more koganei and more joker and more joker and more joker.
  • raverave Moderator PExer
    This is a Cowboy Bebop spoiler. Reader beware.
    Spike should not have died. Halos nagtapat na sa kanya si Faye, dammit! I really feel sorry for that girl. On the day she finally sorted everything out, Spike tells her that he's going out to get himself killed. They really should have lived happily ever after. Hehe.
  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi ✭✭✭
    does it count when your favorite and closely-watch anime series gets licensed?

    i hate those...."blah blah is now licensed by blah blah!"
  • thehitmanthehitman The best there is ✭✭
    I don't think Spike would be interested in grandma Faye :glee:

    Trigun: longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Some more Vash and Meryl moments. More air time for Knives. Develop the characters of Gung Ho Guns.

    Ranma: I'd like some manga stories animated. Among them,

    - Herb, Mint and Lime
    - Kumon Ryu (this should really have been animated, this guy is practically Ryoga version 2!)
    - Phoenix people (Ranma sparkles as Akane almost loses her life)

    Isip pa ko ng iba mamaya.

  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    Etong mga palagay ko:

    Naruto - bawasan ang flashbacks at huwag nang masyadong pahabain ang kada episode/story arcs.

    Full Metal Panic! - lagyan man lang ng resolution kung sino ang babaeng niligawan ni Sousuke.

    Get Backers - hindi na lang sana tinadtad ng mga filler episodes ang Season 2.

    any Gundam series - medyo bawasan ang open-endings. Bad trip ang bitin.

    Evangelion - sana hindi na lang nilagyan ng End of Eva. Kalokohan lang. Mas maganda kung maayos ang ending, i.e., less depressing and less stupid without a lot of psychological/philosophical crap.
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    Originally posted by dspr8 rugged
    Etong mga palagay ko:

    Naruto - bawasan ang flashbacks at huwag nang masyadong pahabain ang kada episode/story arcs.

    kaya nila ginagawa to is because the anime is almost catching up to the manga. and since they want to stick to the storyline of the manga, they insert filler eps and lengthen some parts.
  • Shinobi_NinjaShinobi_Ninja Ninja Space Pirate Captain PExer
    anime frustration ko.

    ZENKI - sana pinahaba pa ito.
  • xmarkxmark webmaster ✭✭
    BERSERK - Bakit naman ganon ang ending???

    Sa Manga pa pinagpatuloy...
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks! ✭✭
    Hellsing - sana pinahaba pa nila nakakabitin. Can't get enough of vampires!
  • VanmanVanman The Dez PExer
    Most of my frustrations were already mentioned so i'll just name a few that ain't mentioned yet

    Shadowskill - more background story on Dias and animate the Scarface/Black Howling fight

    Naruto - skip a few years of the story and continue it when Naruto is already 19 years old and already a Jounin (the same goes for the rest of the gang).

    Naruto - reveal all the 7 great demons (one of which is the Kyubi).

    One Piece - reveal all Shinichibukai

    Dragonball - push through with the rumor of a "Ranma-style" Dragonball set on a time when Pan's grandchildren are already in school.

    Tenchi Muyo - Sabihin na nila kung sino ang makakatuluyan ni Tenchi para matapos na!!!

  • shepearl6shepearl6 Member PExer
    ayashi no ceres TOUYA DOES NOT DIE!! happily ever after!

    slambunk animate inter high!!!! L-O-V-E Ru-Ka-Wa!!!

    ranma should have a movie or ova that makes everything final, like a wedding; or atleast a KISS between ranma & akane!!!

    ruruoni kenshin i dont really question d last ova, but....
    WHY??? why does kenshin have to leave???
    cant he be content in kaoru's arms???
    or just to go thru d reasons of his continued wanderings, why cant he not live a grand old age in d dojo after all of it???
    (sorry guys, dont mind me, just some MAJOR frustrations...)

    fushigi yuugi an ova of miaka & tamahome's life regarding what was implied at d end credits f 1st ova, wherein they (couple wd obviously their child) are silhouetted under the night sky... it would be nice to see the transition from everything past up to that point...:D

    card captor sakura continue with d story!!! age of chars, around 16!!! ideal for romantic ventures!!!:*)

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