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Chooks To Go Sayaw Fever :)

Chooks-To-Go, the country’s tastiest and juiciest roast chicken brand from Bounty Fresh launches the biggest dance competition in Philippine history with a P1-million cash prize at stake for the Grand Prize winner.

Dubbed “Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever,” this dance extravaganza promises to change the way people look at dance contests. Everyone is invited to troop to the various audition centers nationwide and try getting their hands on the P1-million cash prize through their creativity and ingenuity in interpreting the popular Chooks-To-Go jingle.

Screenings will start on November 8 in 56 major cities across the country. A total of 4-10 participants are allowed to represent a group, regardless of age and gender, amateur or professional. Interested groups may proceed to the various screening venues and bring a duly accomplished registration form. Groups are allowed to perform for a maximum of two (2) minutes to the tune of the official Chooks-to-Go jingle. Criteria for judging include Creativity at 40%, Technique at 30% and Over-All Impact also at 30% for a total of 100%. A total of 20 winners will be chosen for each cluster screening. Winning groups move on to the next round, the Party Eliminations.

Party eliminations will be set in the same 56 cities from November 15 onwards, where each group must perform their own Chooks dance with the official Chooks-to-Go jingle. Voting through SMS and online will now replace Over-All Impact in the criteria, which comprise 30% of the group’s scores. Winners will receive P10,000 and will advance – all transportation and accommodation expenses paid – to the Super Regionals which will be clustered into North Luzon, Metro Manila, South Luzon, Western Visayas, Central-Eastern Visayas, North Mindanao and South Mindanao starting on January 15, 2011. Winners from each region will receive P30,000 and will travel to Cebu City, with transportation and accommodations provided, for the Grand Finals on February 19, 2011. The same criteria for judging during the Party Eliminations will be applied to the Super Regionals and the Grand Finals.

The grand prize of P1,000,000 will go to the over-all champion with the first runner-up receiving P200,000 and the 2nd runner up P100,000. Runners-up at the Eliminations and Super Regionals will also receive cash prizes, all tax-free.

During the Grand Finals, all performances will be judged by three celebrity judges, all of whom have excelled as dancers of superb caliber.

“Once the competition gets going, dancers across the country are expected in droves to designated screening centers to try their luck at a million pesos. This competition will go down as the biggest of them all and all I can say is the best of luck to all the participants. We know that dancing is an art that Filipinos are passionate about, that is why we are excited to see creative interpretations of the Chooks-To-Go dance jingle. That alone is pretty thrilling already,” declares Dondi Alentajan, Group Marketing Head of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc., the company behind the largest chain of roast chicken outlets in the country, Chooks-to-Go.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM AT http://www.kachooks.com/images/home-img/regform.jpg



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