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Foreign Student to study in Philippines

I don't read Filipino.

I am from a very small island called Trinidad, off the coast of Venezuela. We speak English. Many speak spanish.

I just came from the US& Canada College fair.

I actually studied in the UK.

The offerings at the local university are very limited, and to be frank I am tired of my little island.

Believe it or not, I think the Philippines is an economically viable, trade up.

But I get to keep the climate, I've had enough winters.

Is there anyone studying anything in the rehabilitation sciences who would like to tell me what it is like.

I can apply for anything on the priority list in the hopes of getting a scholarship

Many thanks, and if you'd like to know what it's like to live in the Caribbean ask away.


  • You could check the site of the University of the Philippines.
    For the flagship campus:
    For medical programs:
  • The studying is just part of it.. I'm more concerned about my interaction with patients in the clinics.

    I lived and worked in the UK, for my first career.
    Whilst you have to slow your speed of talking and well,... integrate culturally a bit.

    My question is I suppose, academics aside, how is the culture particularly during the final year clinics... and the level of language barrier I would encounter.
  • dikonaalam
    dikonaalam the prince of nursing
    You should have minimal problems regarding the language.

    First, colleges and universities use English as the medium of instruction. Second, English is one of Philippines' official language. Third, although some are not that fluent, they can at least understand basic to intermediate English.

    So regarding your clinical practicum, I guess with the reasons stated above, you should be fine. There are a lot of foreign students (actually I can think mostly of Indians and Iranians) studying dentistry, medicine, and other health-related degrees in the Philippines. And those courses require intensive and extensive clinical exposure, same as with rehabilitation sciences.

    But I think it will be beneficial if you could understand or at least try to understand and speak the Filipino language. Or at least basic enough to know the common Filipino terms for common complaints.
  • At first, it will be difficult, as you have said there is a language barrier. Good thing is almost all Filipinos understand English. Also, your classmates could you help you adjust to the Filipino culture. It will not be that difficult because western influence is very visible in the country.
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