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How to survive in college as a freshmen?

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So. Next year i'll be a college student na rin :)
So pano ako mag fifit in sa campus?
Effective pa ba yung "be yourself"?

Tips naman po :)


  • anima9
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    Usually, being yourself works very well if you are the type of person that everyone generally likes. So being emo on the first day of classes really won't get you far.

    If you're unsure, I suggest you observe the people around you and just react and not start the conversation. You'll eventually filter those whom you know you can get along with. It's basically looking for that specific group which you know you share the same (or at least relatively same) interest and stick to that group.

    Being yourself, no matter how different you are, shouldn't be hard after that.
  • RamboMapua
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    work life balance ^___^
  • If you want more specific advice you should prolly give more info, like what course you're going to take where. :)
  • currently i'm a freshman student and para sa'kin, effective ang pakikisama. pakikisama, not in a bad way pero yung enough lang to cope up with college
  • clawed_out
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    How to survive as a college freshman?

    Focus on your academics rather than what is outside.

    You can have those parties and social gatherings later. And you can have them all.

    Do a balancing act with everything. Have fun but know your priorities.
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