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Bahia de Bais - Dumaguete 3D/2N

Bahia de Bais
The Dolphin Watching Capital of the Philippines

- Situated at the hilltop of Dewey Island, overlooking the panoramic view of Tanon Straight and Bais Bay. It is just five minutes away from Bais City.

Last July 8, 2004, I won a 3D/2N accomodation in Days Hotel's Bahia de Bais in Dumaguete City. Since I'm not familiar with the place and I plan to go somewhere else this year, I won't be using the gift voucher. You might want or you might know someone who wants to go to Bais City, Dumaguete this year. I'm selling it for P500 only. Here are the details:

- The gift voucher need to be faxed to VCI within 14 days after receiving it. (That is July 22, 2004).
- Hotel occupancy is limited to 2 adults and 2 children. Additional charges will apply for each additional guest.
- The gift is not valid within 5 days of regular or special public holiday.
- Transportation, meals, hotel taxes are not included.
- 3D/2N continuous stay between Sunday to Thursday only or an overnight stay between Friday to Sunday.
- The rooms are reserved up to 4:00pm only. If you do not arrive at the hotel by 4p.m., your room will be given out and your reservation fee (P800) will be forfeited.
- Valid for 6 months. (so till Jan. 8, 2005)

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