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K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
ok... i work at the edge of new manila... where there isn't any good place to eat except for blue bacon which seems to have closed already... so i usually find myself going to either the timor/morato area to eat or the cubao area or even sometimes the greenhills area. everyone already knows about the restos in greenhills and timog/morato so let's talk about the restos in cubao. there are three places that i go to there to eat:

rasas - singaporean cuisine... my friend george personally recommend this place to me but it's nothing to die for. they cook a mean hainanese chicken dish... plenty of room and good attentive staff to go with your food.

cafe bola - filipino comfort food done in a modern way... excellent leg of lamb tapa and baga-baga which is basically chopped lungs haha... margarita is indeed a whiz in the kitchen haha... i just don't like how they serve their food in deep bowls. it's such a pain to eat from them. they also have another branch at greenbelt.

bellini's - home cooked italian food... of course i saved the best for last. roberto is such a charmer and his food is indeed something. who would have thought that you'd get authentic italian... their contadina, panna cota, and minestrone soup is just excellent! i come here on a regular basis hehe... (you can even see my autograph on the wall since i guess i ate there so much, roberto decided to put my name there haha)

what's really good about these restaurants is the fact that they're not overly expensive.

you guys know any more cubao restaurants? if you do, tell me so i can try them out too!


  • Istanbul Express - they have very good shawarmas and shish kebabs. I used to crave for their buffalo wings but sadly it's not on the menu anymore.

    Cafe Bola - try their spicy bangus mousse with pandesal rounds, spaghetti with dulong in garlic cream sauce (hmmmm perfect)

    Hotshots Burger

    yan lang muna, im running out of places to eat na rin
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    already tried that spicy bangus mousse and the dulong spaghetti... they're ok hehe...

    i'll try out istanbul express tomorrow...

    i'm tired of hotshots...

    anyone else out there who know of restaurants in cubao?
  • man! wala na ako alam sa cubao pero i'm here replyin...when i was a kid, we used to go to pinausukan a lot and pancit ng taga-malabon...iunno if they're still there, pero sarap pa ren!
  • Frio Mix sa Ali Mall
    Istanbull Express:Masarap tsaka ok yung price niya.
  • yeah, why don't you guys visit and try all the restaurants at coliseum circle (where rasa, istanbul, cafe bola are located) at the periphery of araneta coliseum. There are other options such as sachi;try their kobe beef sukiyaki and other authentic japanese dishes.

    and man, i tried eating at bellini's only this week and it's fantastic! loved their pasta ala siciliana and quattro formagi pizza. i ordered those for starters. what else do i ought to eat there? i think i'd find myself going there every week. hehehe. who would have thought you could find a true italian haven tucked in the row of marikina shoe expo stores? :D
  • BNGBNG PExer
    Visit Tratoria Uno its an authentic italian restausant, reasonable price..
    i use to go there since 1988 only a few people knows about it, bring your date and you can write your names on the wall
  • bellini's din ang pinupuntahan ko sa cubao e. pizza salciccia with spiced olive oil... yeah!
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    • Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot
    • Food Exchange Manila
    • Gloria Maris

    the rest are in limbo because of the construction activities in and around Araneta Center.
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