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low body temperature

anghel Mrs. Edward Cullen
i know that a normal body temperature is 37 degrees celcius. i got a fever the other day and had a 39 measurement on the thermometer.

however, the following day, i measured again to know if i am improving, it registered a low 35.8 degrees celcius. i freaked out kasi para na akong patay...its way beyond the normal temperature.

my talampakan is cold din.

i tried researching on the net, but can't find good explanation. they were mentioning wilson's disease...whatever...

help doc...

is a 35.8 degree celsius body temperature a bad indication? what causes this and what can i do to have my body temperature return to normal? thanks...


  • If it's just a one-time reading, don't panic. Your body temperature should normalize again soon. I think by this time it already did. :)
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