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How much does it cost now to eat at Sugi? :jap: It will be a lunch/dinner for 2 ppl. Tapos say may appetizer kayo na sushi/sashimi, den may 3 entrees kayo. Isama na natin yung Gindara as isa sa mga entree since yun naman specialty nila eh :yum:


  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    let's just say you're going to spend at least a few thousand on what you just ordered since you haven't included drinks and extras... and ok, i threw the beef in there as one of your entrees since sugi is known for their good beef as well...
  • qtqtqtqt PExer
    just had dinner for 2 last month. we ordered gindara meal (the one with the miso soup), oyster that was fried or something (sarap!), xtra rice (bec. it came w/ no rice), ice teas, tuna and salmon sashimi.
    spent around 1,600.00

    i tink the beef costs around 800
    the gindara meal around 560-600
  • Bea19Bea19 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    mahal talaga dito pero family fave namin...i like the japanese fried chicken and the bacon wrapped asparagus and sympre ang sikat na gindara nila..di ko lng type yung house tea nila na rice tea..masyadong nakakbusog...cgro around P400-500 per person ang aabutin...
  • ai_cai_c PExer
    thanks sa mga replies ninyo :) at least may idea na ako on how much to bring kung manlibre ako. ang malaking tanong eh kung at kailan ako manlibre :D nakakahiya naman na kung manlibre eh kulang ang perang dala :grinroll:

    oh pagkain, simply irresistable :laugh:
  • Bea19Bea19 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    kung 1 lang ililibre po pwd na sya...kung special naman ang occassion e di why not dba...pero kung group kayo aba e sobrang fine dining na yun...hehhehe
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the question is, is it worth it?

    how good is the food? food selection?

    how fresh are the fish?
  • bishopbishop PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the best japanese food in the country IMO.

    being the best comes with a price though.
  • MystMyst PExer
    Tsukiji is the best japanese restaurant in the country, ang laking mahal kaysa sa sugi, we get around P8,000-10,000 (for four people) when we eat here, kaya for very VERY special occasions lang...EVERY [email protected] INGREDIENT ARE FRESH FROM JAPAN AND THE CHEFS ARE JAPANESE! (master chefs with 30-50yrs of experience) Nothing is cheap in the menu pero ang lakas pa rin ng kita as in sobra! Ibang iba mga beefs nila dito kaysa sa Sugi, talagang you get what you paid for! Matagal na akong hindi nakakapunta kaya hindi na ako updated sa prices, hindi bale pag nag graduate ako ng college (hopefully this year) I'll post the price menu here. Plus mas maraming food selection dito and they don't run out. Dati yung trip kong mag tapon ng P2,000 para sa isang "toro"(I got curious cos when I watched Great Teacher Onizuka, "Toro" is one the most expensive sashimi/sushi in japan) sa sugi, sabi sa akin wala na raw sila.

    Sugi is the second :)

    My most memorable Sugi moment was when katabi namin ng table si Imelda together with her american lawyer two years ago (kalikod namin)

    Kung nagtitipid kami sa Sugi(been eating here in the early 90's), we get around P3,000-4,000 (for four people) the highest bill we got is around P6,000-7,000 (for four people) Cos we spent around 4,000 for sashimi, the expensive ones.

    The "ONLY" person na ililibre ko sa Sugi is my girlfriend! Swerte naman ng iba :P

    The most affordable meal for one person without reaching the P1,000 mark is the "set lunch" :)

    If you guys dunno what to order or know the "good ones" money can buy bring a japanese guy with ya when you eat in Tsukiji or in Sugi para hindi lang limited sa mga tempura or miso soup LOL
  • bea, siyempre isa lang ang ililibre ko ;) at of course special occassion siya. aba eh kung group eh, saisaki na lang eat all you can may tira pa ako pangshopping :P

    nagugutom na tuloy ako just thinking of the food. hay... tagal na kasi sobra na di ako nakakain doon eh, i believe early 90s pa. hehehe!

    sa sugi lang ako nakatikim ng japanese pizza. if i am not mistaken, oyonomaki ang tawag (i hope i got it correct).
  • tanong naman oh. san pa ba mga japanese restos na oks puntahan? food-wise and datung-wise? this time, di na kailangan kasing mahal ng sugi. mamumulubi kami ng di oras nito ng bf ko :lol:
  • Try Minato at St. Francis Square (on top of yellow cab). they serve great authentic japanese food (they also serve Korean).

    This is a great place to treat friends. You can eat in one of those enclosed rooms, with the typical low japanese table which makes you sit on the floor (the floor is elevated, and there's a whole under the table so you still sit comfortably).

    Anyway, they always serve free appetizer (some korean egg dish, kimchi salad, sweetish squash-rice soup). Then serve a slice of fruit for dessert. So whatever you order will always be filling.

    We always order their set menu, about 300 or higher per person. Very good value for money.

    And the service is always great!
  • san ba may sugi?
  • greenbelt 2
  • sugi: also in greenhills carpark, beside the former Tai Woo which is now Fitess First :)
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Myst

    (Took the liberty of correcting the grammar, if that's okay.)

    But don't the Japanese get their seafood from elsewhere around Asia anyway, including the Philippines? :D
  • Yes, they do import seafoods from Southeast Asians and around Asia as well. Yung mga whales lang yata na napdpad sa seashore nila yung talagang masasabing "from Japan".
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