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Offering of Eggs in Sta. Clara Church: Paid off

Filipinos are still accustomed to “Pamahiin”. Yesterday, Secretary Dinky Soliman offered an egg with a prayer that today, June 30, 2004, the weather might be considerate for the inaugural speech in Rizal Park and the inauguration of our new President and Vice President in Cebu City. Though the weather today is not that pleasant, GMA arrived, marched, and delivered her speech without getting soaked since it did not rain -- miraculously. As I was watching channel 4 this morning ‘til 12 noon, even in Cebu City, as former newscaster from channel 2 was saying “The Gods smiled at the inauguration of the new president and vice president today”. The sun is very radiant. I personally think it’s a good sign. GMA’s speech is very optimistic in its message for all the Filipinos. The Cebuanos are very warm with the presence of GMA. And it’s a good gesture by GMA that she is mingling with the people there. She could have left them right after the inauguration, but she spent time with them before she proceeded to their (GMA’s & Noli’s) next rendezvous.


  • angelteddyangelteddy Member PExer
    Sorry guys, the topic should have been "Offering of Eggs in Sta. Clara Curch: Paid Off" - not Sta. Ana (karera ng mga kabayo ang nandoon hehehe
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Baka tumaya si Dinky sa karera, kaya siya nag-alay ng itlog.

    Anyway, your title has been edited.
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    Thank you, KuyaDanny. I offer you eggs.
  • CrusherCrusher Member ✭✭✭
    There is no doubt that the egg offering for the nuns of Santa Clara gives positive results. There is a certain southern Tagalog town (well-known, but I'll not mention the name here) which for several years, more than ten or so, an organization offers egg to the nuns to pray that the weather be good for the night of their club's celebration, and everytime no matter how bad the weather is in that typhoon proned region, when the night of the celebrations arrives, there is not much of a cloudy sky or even a drizzle. Even if it is raining the whole afternoon, the club never stopped or postponed their preparations for the night's celebration. which by the way is attended not just by the young but by high ranking officials of that town and of the province, even officials of nearby town..

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