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Top of the Citi

Has anyone tried Top of the Citi - Le Souffle? How is it compared to other Le Souffles? What dishes do you recommend? I heard the view is great. I wonder where should I sit to get the best view.


  • DDGDDG PExer
    I've tried it. Well, the good thing here is that the prices of their lunch meals are way cheaper than that of Le Souffle in Ortigas. Haven't tried the one in Fort but I'm assuming the menu and pricing is the same with that of their Ortigas branch. They have 2-course and 3-course meals as options. If you're not dining on a budget, why dont' you try the pan seared tuna salad or their gambas as starters? For your main course, try their salmon belly in adobo sauce... you can never go wrong with their steaks too. And of course for dessert, try the chocolate souffle! Oh wow, this is the best!
  • seat at the veranda
    food to order, basically same as with the other le souffle
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