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is atkins accepted in local medical community

is it?

just wondering.. i noticed the wide acceptance in usa since dr. atkins passed a way.

lately numerous study coming out that they just perform as good as low fat diet, and surprisingly people end up with lower LDL


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    I don't know which part of the USA you're referring to, but I know for a fact that it's not widely accepted by the mainstream medical community in the US or anywhere in the world for that matter. I've been living in the US part of the year for a couple of years already where I go around with American doctors all across the US on a regular basis, and I have never encountered this wide acceptance for Atkins by the medical community that you're mentioning. Atkins Diet is considered a fad diet, and is treated no differently from other fad diets like the Zone diet, Pritikin, etc. It's not considered a permanent lifestyle change, and the medical community isn't promoting this at all. The decrease in LDL is only a short-term drop. There are a few studies being done here and there about its longterm consequences, but they are still few, the conclusions are still inconclusive, and no one is prescribing this yet.
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